Ajax Control Toolkit Streamlines, Drops .NET 3.5 Support

DevXpress releases Version 15.1 with numerous bug fixes, but there's also a streamlining of features and weeding out of experimental features and functions.

A few weeks ago, we told you about Microsoft relinquishing development of the Ajax Control Toolkit to DevExpress, a Microsoft Partner. Now comes this blog post from Pranav Rastogi, a Microsoft Program Manager who works with ASP.NET and Azure, who lists a number of improvements in the most recent release.

Version 15.1, as the incremental update numbering implies, is a streamlining of features to move the solution forward. Installation improvements mean a simpler process in which it "automatically registers the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit components into the Toolbox of all available Visual Studio versions that you have installed on your system," according to a separate post listing a number of new and improved features.

The tool kit's code base has also been simplified. No longer will there be various assemblies for specific .NET versions. Instead, there's just a single assembly, but that also means the group will no longer be supporting .NET Framework 3.5.

And there are a number of other key updates: dependencies on third-party packages extracted to separate packages; support for Visual Studio Web Forms templates; paring of unused and old code and cleanup of source code tree; removal of experimental and malfunctioning features, to name a few.

This version also includes a number of bug fixes, which are listed on the CodePlex site here.

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