A Network Diagnostics Tool for Visual Studio Developers

A peek at a diagnostics tool that gives developers some insight into networking issues that might be mucking up how apps interact among the Windows device spectrum.

The Visual Studio team blogged about a new tool that was introduced at the release of the Visual Studio 2015 RC a few weeks ago around the Build conference. That tool is part of the Performance and Diagnostics hub that was introduced in the Visual Studio 2012 suite.

The idea for the tool is that rather than having developers dive into the IT admin's bag of tricks, developers can get at authentication, caching, payload, and other networking issues from within the IDE. Simply called the Visual Studio Network tool, it can be used "to help you diagnose network-related issues when building Windows apps across the Windows Continuum from Windows Phone, to HoloLens, to Xbox," said Ruben Rios, a Visual Studio program manager, in the blog post.

It's not apparent how to get to it. It's under the Debug menu in the Diagnostics tool; click on "Start Diagnostics Tools Without Debugging...." A page comes up where you then choose an Analysis Target to bring up other tools in the Performance and Diagnostics hub, and then the Network box to start capturing network traffic.

A simplified summary view of network traffic comes up in a new window, with data that can be filtered down for more detailed information. "You'll now be able to debug network-related issues for JavaScript, managed as well as native apps for both Windows Store apps as well as Universal apps targeting Windows 10," said Rios, right from the IDE. No more chasing down network admins.

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