Revamped ReSharper Ultimate 10

The Visual Studio coding extension suite from JetBrains has a whole host of improvements, and includes a new build tool.

JetBrains has released a major upgrade to ReSharper, its Visual Studio code-writing extension suite. ReSharper Ultimate 10 has about 450 fixes across its tool suite, but there are some significant highlights among the tools, including ReSharper Build and support for TypeScript 1.6 and AngularJS 2.0 as well as more than a handful of coding improvements. Tools across the ReSharper suite have also been version synchronized, so tools in the suite -- dotPeek, dotTrace, dotCover, and dotMemory and ReSharper C++ -- are suffixed with a version 10.

According to the company, ReSharper Ultimate has a number of code style improvements, improved support for JavaScript and TypeScript that includes regular expressions and JSX and TSX syntax. The ReSharper unit test runner also supports NUnit 3.0 Beta 5, in anticipation of its full release. Version 10 also supports Universal Windows Platform device-specific views while performing code inspections and other coding operations.

New in ReSharper C++ 10 is improved C language support, including support for C11. It also includes new context actions, code inspections, and quick-fixes. It's also consistent in its use of the Go to declaration as the main suite.

New to the other tools: dotCover now uses Continuous Testing; dotTrace is more fully integrated with Visual Studio when viewing project snapshots; dotMemory allows better navigation from types to their type declarations; dotPeek can navigate to IL code when viewing decompiled C# code.

ReSharper Build is a new tool that allows for "out-of-process incremental build tool that can take advantage of multiple processes, visualizes different kinds of project build status, and is optimized for large solutions with lots of dependencies," writes JetBrain's ReSharper Product Marketing Manager, Daria Dovzhikova, on a blog announcing the upgrade.

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