Visual Studio Code 0.10.3 Fixes Performance Snag

Users reported a number of startup and performance issues since the beta release of Visual Studio Code in mid-November.

Microsoft has released a new beta version of Visual Studio Code, version 0.10.3, that fixes a number of issues, including two startup issues that were reported by testers. The point-point release follows a monthly update to 0.10.1, which was the general beta release for November.

The complete conversation of a now-closed startup issue can be followed on GitHub here. In it, user Morgy93 notes the sluggishness with which Visual Studio Code 0.10.1 started when using it with Windows 10 on his Surface Pro 3, an issue that wasn't present with the previous month's update. In the process of trying to investigating the issue himself, Morgy93 reported taht he had installed version 0.9.2, which ran as expected -- fast -- but when installing 0.10.1 or 0.10.2, VS Code continued to run sluggishly or not at all.

Benjamin Pasero, a VS Code team member working from Switzerland, narrowed down the problem to either "lots of code changes on our end but also an update to the cross platform framework (Electron)." He offered a workaround, but noted that a fix was in order for 0.10.3. The issue has since been closed, but a full explanation of the problem wasn't provided at the end of the thread.

The issue is similar to another crashing startup issue, reported in this GitHub discussion. Users reported VS Code crashes would often happen when working with PHP files. Martin Aeschlimann, a VS Code team member who's also in Switzerland responding as "aeschli," noted that the problem was singled out to "Signature help was getting into an infinite loop when no open parent was found."

Both fixes were rolled into 0.10.3.

Visual Studio Code itself went into official beta testing with the 0.10.1 release mid-November during Microsoft's Connect() event in New York. That release was followed up by a point release, 0.10.2, which was mainly fixes for bugs found after the beta release.

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