Visual Studio Tools for Unity Updated

Version 2.2 fixes a few integration issues that have been bewitching Unity game developers.

Microsoft's Visual Studio team released an update to its Visual Studio Tools for Unity that fixes a few integration issues that have been bewitching Unity game developers. It's now available from the Visual Studio Gallery.

Of significance is a change to the VSTU installer, which "properly installs all the information that Unity looks for before enabling the native VSTU support," writes Jb Evain, who heads the Visual Studio Tools for Unity team, in a blog. Other changes noted directly from his blog:

  • For Unity on OS X with and Visual Studio in a virtual machine, Visual Studio properly detects and debugs Unity on the host.
  • For Unity 4.6, VSTU properly generates references to UnityEngine and UnityEditor.
  • The C# language version is now restricted to C# 4, the latest version of the language supported by Unity.
  • Fixed an error in the Unity package that could appear for projects without any script.

Evain also is careful to note in his blog the installation needs for the version of Unity developers are deploying, so those should be heeded.

One commenter suggests that VSTU be able to code from Visual Studio Code. Evain links to an article that shows how to connect VSC to the Unity platform.

VSTU 2.2 follows release 2.1 from September, a version in which there was finally some consolidated effort to make the VS IDE the default editing platform for Unity game development.

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