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Microsoft Set To Retire Slew of MCSD-Related Exams

Developers working toward SharePoint 2013 and Windows Store-related exams and certifications might need to step up exam-taking efforts, as exams are set to retire in September.

A hat tip to Vlad Catrinescu, who blogs about a number of SharePoint- and Windows Apps-themed developer exams that Microsoft will be retiring in September. It's not just a retirement, but the end for some certifcations, as even the recertification exams for the related certifications are also being retired.

Catrinescu alludes to a release posted on the Microsoft site, so I went in search of said release on the Microsoft Learning site. Didn't find it. A few keystrokes in a search engine and it dawned on me that I'd find the information on the Born2Learn blog. You can find that note here, and a more comprehensive and updated list of developer exam retirements here.

Retirements aren't the end of the world, as long as you take the exams before they're no longer available. So, time is of the essence if you're getting nearer to completing a cert path to a title. Remember that the certifications remain valid and on your transcript forever in case if you ever need to prove that you're an MCSD: (you never know -- there's still a call for COBOL developers after many decades, so technology never dies in some of the darkening corners of industry).

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