TFS Extension for Visual Studio Code Now Available

Visual Studio Team Foundation Services Exension for VSC allows management of pull requests, work items directly from Git repos.

Microsoft's Visual Studio team said it has released an extension for Team Foundation Services that works with Visual Studio Code. The extension allows developers to manage pull requests directly from Git repositories and monitor builds and work items for team projects.

"With just a glance at the status bar, you can see the number of active pull requests assigned to you and check the status of the latest build for your repository," writes Microsoft's Jeff Young, through a blog post.

Like the ability to view pull request status, clicking on work items or build summaries opens up those items for further drill down and discovery. The capability to drill down extends to blame and history data, as well as creating work item queries.

As has been the case with many extensions being developed from within Microsoft, this extension is being open sourced on Github, and the group is actively seeking developers who want to contribute to improving it. Currently, the extension isn't able to reconcile any on-premise TFS data. But it does allow information to be accessible on various platforms, including Mac and a number of Linux variants.

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