Kusto Gobbles Up Application Insights Data

A new tool that ingests every piece of Application Insights and turns it into reportable information is now getting its public preview. It's also got a name.

Microsoft's Brian Harry blogs about a new DevOps tool that is capable of ingesting terabytes of information collected by Application Insights and turning it into reportable data. The new tool formerly known as "Kusto" but now dubbed Application Insights Analytics, has been instrumental in helping Harry's group gain quicker insight into performance of the company's cloud services, as was the case with some recent Visual Studio Team Services incidents in early February.

"As of today, Kusto ingests over 1 trillion events and 600TB a day of log data across hundreds of Microsoft cloud services," writes Harry, in his blog. "Many of the services you know and love today (like SQL Azure or Team Services) rely on Kusto for their livelihood."

Harry provides a develope scenario for using the tool, which allows for capturing AI telemetry programmatically through the provide AI SDK. The SDK itself comes with eight specific types of tables: traces, customEvents, pageViews, requests, dependencies, exceptions, metrics, and availabilityResults, which can be queried and joined just like SQL tables. Results can also be ported to PowerBI to take advantage of that tool's visualization features.

While Application Insights Analytics is in preview, there are plans to integrate its capabilities with other services, such as the HockeyApp developer service, and Harry notes to a commenter the possibility of porting it to Azure Data Lake some time in the future. "We're currently working on a set of data access APIs for Application Insights which will enable integrations such as and others," adds Microsoft's Dale Koetke, in a response to another commenter.

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