ReSharper Ultimate 2016.1 Improves on VB, TypeScript Support

Newer version of the coding extension for Visual Studio makes incremental improvements in VB.NET 14 support, and will come with Intermediate Language viewer.

JetBrains is just about ready to release a new version of its ReSharper Ultimate, which is an incremental release at version 2016.1. Even though it's a dot release, there's lots of interesting changes in this version besides the slew of bug fixes, including some new support for Visual Basic.NET 14 features, more TypeScript support, and some coding style configuration additions.

ReSharper Ultimate is set of tools for navigating and editing code that work like an extension to the Visual Studio IDE. One of the saving graces of ReSharper Ultimate, at least from developers who have used it, is that it can be most useful in code refactoring. The most recent version, dubbed ReSharper 10, added an incremental build tool and updated Stack Trace Explorer, as well as some new code style inspection tools, and support for NUnit 3.0.

Version 10 added support for a number of VB.NET 14 features, including the NameOf operator and read-only properties to name a few. Version 2016.1 comes with not just a rename, but a slew of updates. On the VB.NET front, the update adds support for string interpolation, multi-line strings, null-conditional operators, and partial modules and interfaces.

Also coming up will be an Intermediate Language viewer, which the company said was introduced in another JetBrains solution called dotPeek 10, which is used for decompiling .NET assembly into C# or IL code. The IL integration into Ultimate 2016.1 will mean the abiliity of developers to drill into library code from within the VS IDE.

And finally, the Find Code Issues command is able to work in async mode, and there are a number of new coding style preferences (such as formatting and cleanup) that are available from a right-click menu. As well, ReSharper Ultimate 2016.1 will support a number of TypeScript 2.0 features, including readonly properties, implicit indexers, private and protected constructors.

To read more about ReSharper Ultimate 2016.1, go here.

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