NativeScript 2.0 Supports Visual Studio Code, TypeScript

Major update to cross-platform framework for building native apps includes support for Visual Studio Code and TypeScript, as wel as AngularJS, Maven, and CocoaPods.

Telerik last week released NativeScript 2.0, a major update to its cross-platform framework for building native apps. The latest revision includes support for TypeScript and Visual Studio Code, as well as a bevy of features outside the Visual Studio ecosystem.

At its esssence, NativeScript 2.0 allows for development of native apps in JavaScript, AngularJS, . The company says no bridge solution is necessary in order to access native iOS, Android or Windows APIs via JavaScript through the NativeScript interface.

NativeScript 2.0's Visual Studio Code support allows for developing and debugging of native apps through the VS Code UI, which means developers are able to view IntelliSense hints, get variable introspection and work through debugging breakpoints in an interactive manner. That support comes by way of an extension that's available for download here or by searching through the Visual Studio Marketplace.

For those who prefer developing native apps with JavaScript, NS includes full support for TypeScript as well.

The new version of NativeScript also supports includes a NativeScript Runtime engine, which was released back in mid-march. A Telerik blog post that announced the runtime notes that the runtime engine is being open sourced, and that it will support Windows apps running on Windows 10. What NativeScript Runtime allows is JavaScript to make calls to Windows Runtime APIs. It's currently a preview, so the company warns that it should only be used for testing and evaluation.

Outside of the VS ecosystem, the company also announced support for AngularJS, native animations through CSS reuse, hundreds of extensions and plugins, and support for native library repositories (inclulding Maven and CocoaPods).

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