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Different Take on Trial Software: Azure Test Drives

Azure Test Drives gives developers the ability to test out apps in the cloud without any commitment whatsoever.

Delivering on a promise from the last BUILD event earlier this year, Microsoft in mid-May introduced a new service for taking applications for test drives on Azure without any commitment whatsoever -- no credit card, no Azure subscription needed. It's kind of like the good ol' days of shareware, only better in that there's no real possibility of one having to give up any personal or banking info just to check out an app in a working environment.

Instead, those apps allow for anonymous login (if you know what I mean, you with the 20 Facebook personalities), which allows you to check out most of the apps using real info on images hosted on Azure. It's what I'd call the ideal developer environment.

Currently listed in the Azure Test Drive page are about a dozen apps, with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, DataStax Enterprise, MapR Distribution, and VMTurbo Operations among them. Microsoft is also in search of partners who want to have Azure Test Drive versions of their apps hosted there in the Azure Marketplace.

Check out the Azure Test Drives here.

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