Entity Developer 6.0 Now Supports EF Core 1.0, Telerik's Data Access

New version allows for visual design and code generation of apps using Microsoft's newest Entity Framework Core 1.0, as well as popular data access framework from Telerik.

Devart recently released a new version of its Entity Developer that has support for the latest release candidate of Entity Framework Core 1.0. ED version 6.0 also has support for Telerik Data Access.

Now that Entity Framework is a code-first tool (no longer is there an EF Designer for visually diagramming apps as of the more recent versions of Visual Studio), Entity Developer 6.0 alllows for a return to visually designing and modeling Entity Framework-based apps. "Entity Developer fully supports database-first and model-first approaches, updating of model from the database and database from the model," according to a company press release. "It offers all the necessary tools for visual creating ORM models and generating code for context, entities, and mapping."

Telerik Data Access is a third-party data access framework that also takes the code-fiirst approach. ED 6.0 adds support for TDA, providing a visual designer for mapping data access.

ED 6.0 also includes a number of Microsoft Text Template Transformation Toolkit templates, as well as EF Core 1.0 and Telerik Data Access code generation capabilities, with code generated in C# or VB, but ED 6.0 allows for code to be generated in other languages with some initial setup.

Entity Developer 6.0 is available here. Telerik Data Access is free and available here.

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