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Visual Studio, .NET Framework Blogs Are Branching Out

The MSDN blogs can't contain all the information that's being produced on the various Microsoft developer tools and technologies.

Have you been hanging out in the MSDN blogs lately? Finding what you need is getting a bit more difficult, but it's actually a good thing. There's so much information out there, and the way that information was categorized and filtered almost stopped making sense, what with the amount of information that was produced and the pace at which it was dispensed. (Truth be told, the blogs are getting creaky with age.)

You won't find Visual Studio Code info under the blogs anymore; it's in its own space now, over at .NET stuff? There's lots of it and you'll find it not just in some simple official blog, but you'll find videocasts, you can even find podcasts and then there's Scott Hanselman's blog, which doesn't seem connected to anything, but is really the center of it all sometimes. (Visual Studio? You'll find it in the blogs where it's been forever,, and updated constantly.)

Two consistent sources of .NET info is the .NET Blog, which is a compilation of links and extensions and other things .NET-related and the .NET Web Development and Tools Blog. The latter is run by Jeffrey T. Fritz, a senior program manager in Microsoft's Developer Outreach Group who occasionally posts (usually, weekly) a videocast dubbed the ASP.NET Community Standup that features a few of the .NET team members talking abou the progress they've made that week. You can keep up with their meetings by going to

I mention Fritz, as he's one of the speakers at our upcoming Visual Studio Live! conference in Boston next week. He'll be keynoting a session in Boston on more recent .NET Framework updates, .NET Standard, Universal Windows Platform updates, .NET Core, ASP.NET Core, and managed languages.

Those are the official sources. Are there sources you rely on besides these, official and unofficial? Let us know!

Here are ten more links I've run across that might be useful to you, in no particular order and definitely not conforming to any particular theme:

How to Recover a Lost Commit With Git (Barbarian Meets Coding) -- Experience a weird git moment

Making your JavaScript Pure (A List Apart) -- Coding with fewer bugs

Searching information and file format (Ayende) -- Guts and glory of database internals

The .NET CLI Decoded (Telerik) -- The 80s called and they want their command line back

Maintainable Code vs Common Code (DaedTech) -- Not one and the same

Microsoft's Legal Team Explains Protections for Corporate Data (Redmondmag) -- The cloud, data, and the long arm of the law

Insights on Container Security with Azure Container Service (Microsoft Azure Security and Compliance) -- Twistlock's CEO shares some of his container security insights

Versioning NuGet packages in a continuous delivery world (Microsoft Application Lifecycle Management) -- Part 3 of a series on versioning in a NuGet world

Microsoft, MapR Lead Spark Charge (ADTmag) -- Making sparks at a big data shindig

C++ and Cloud Services? (reddit) -- A need for speed in the cloud?

Know of an interesting link, or does your company have a new or updated product or service targeted at Visual Studio developers? Tell me about it at [email protected].

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Michael Domingo is a long-time software publishing veteran, having started up and managed several developer publications for the Clipper compiler, Microsoft Access, and Visual Basic. He's also managed IT pubs for 1105 Media, including Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine and Virtualization Review before landing his current gig as Visual Studio Magazine Editor in Chief. Besides his publishing life, he's a professional photographer, whose work can be found by Googling domingophoto.

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