Generally Available: Azure Storage Node Client Library

First previewed at Build 2016, this GA version comes with a number of samples for getting started with building Node.js apps that can take full advantage of Azure Blob, File, Table and Queue storage.

Microsoft's Azure team made Azure Storage Node Client Library generally available today, a Node.js package that streamlines the process for consuming and managing the company's Azure Storage Services. A preview of Azure Storage Client Library (along with a preview for a Python version) was released at Build 2016.

According to a blog post from Dinesh Murthy, a principal program manager with the Azure Storage team, announcing it, the GA release has support for the following:

  • Account SAS (Shared Access Signature) and IP ACL
  • File metrics
  • TypeScript
  • AppendBlob
  • getMessage/peekMessage API for queues

Murthy also notes that those wanting to get started working with it can use the samples in the Azure Storage , with samples for working with various Azure Storage types (Blob, File, Table, and Queue), and there's also a sample demo that shows how to build a Web application that uses Blob storage that follows CORS rules.

Azure Storage Node Client Library is one of several libraries the team has developed support for; there's currently one for .NET and Java, and there are various versions to support iOS, Android, Python, Ruby on Rails, and PHP in the works that can be found on GitHub.

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