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Channel 9 To Live-Stream Visual Studio Live!

Amanda Silver's opening keynote on the Open Microsoft Developer Platform, along with a slew of other selected developer sessions, will be live-streamed during next week's conference at the Microsoft campus.

Taking a week off from the daily development grind is a luxury for most developers. So here's some good news for those who've ever wanted to attend Visual Studio Live! but have a hard time justifying the cost and time commitment: Next week, Microsoft's "Channel 9 will live-stream the main Microsoft keynotes and then select sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The recorded sessions wil then be archived on the site for several months following the event, according to Brent Sutton, 1105 Media Vice President of ECG Events. (1105 Media is the parent company of Visual Studio Magazine.)

When the sessions go live, they'll be available at this link on the Channel 9 site. The live-stream will originate from the main keynote hall, which means viewers will be able to see/hear Microsoft's Amanda Silver as she dives into some of the details of the new Open Microsoft Developer Platform. As well, a list of selected sessions that will be recorded are in this blog on the VSLive! site and includes previews of Visual Studio '15', running Windows 10 on a Raspberry Pi, and running devops smoothly through the Visual Studio Team Services tools, to name a few.

To see what you're going to miss out on at next week's Visual Studio Live! conference, a full session is here.

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Know of an interesting link, or does your company have a new or updated product or service targeted at Visual Studio developers? Tell me about it at [email protected].

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