Integrating HockeyApp with UWP on Windows 10

HockeyApp SDK for Universal Windows Platform apps is out now, supporting all HockeyApp features from within UWP apps on Windows 10, including full symbolication for .NET Native store apps.

Microsoft's Windows Development group has released a version of the HockeyApp SDK for Universal Windows Platform apps, one that supports all HockeyApp features from within UWP apps, including full symbolication for .NET Native store apps, on Windows 10.

HockeyApp, which is technology that Microsoft acquired back in 2014, is a mobile distribution and analytics service for mobile apps that can report on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Since the acquisition, Microsoft has been providing hooks for it to other application platforms and has been integrating it to work alongside the company's Application Insights analytics service that is aimed at Web apps and services.

The announcement this week specifically notes that the HockeyApp SDK has full support for UWP apps on the Windows 10 platform. That support means there's now a modicum of crash reporting for .NET Native apps, although those reports are only partly implemented.

"For now, HockeyApp only supports unsymbolicated crash reports, but our goal is to provide fully symbolicated crash reports soon," according to a blog post on the site.

The HockeyApp SDK also provides for more granular user metrics, from daily to monthly active users, new users of apps, and app sessions.

The blog has details for installing the SDK properly for use with Visual Studio 2015.

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