Progress Telerik Joins The .NET Foundation

The UI tool builder is contributing a couple dozen tools in its UI for UWP suite to the open source community.

Telerik featured prominently in the announcements made at Wednesday's Windows Developer Day online event, as it announced during the morning keynote that the company would be open sourcing development of its Progress Telerik UI for Universal Windows Platform tool suite.

Progress Telerik UI for UWP is a suite of more than 20 user interface tools for building UWP apps. It's actually a subset of the company's DevCraft suite offering, which is comprised of a larger, all-encompassing set of tools that also includes UI tools for building Web site and Windows and other platforms, as well as coding and reporting tools for Microsoft stack devs.

"Today, all of UI for UWP is free and open source," said Todd Anglin, Chief Evangelist for Telerik, at the keynote. "All the source, all of the controls, [is] available today, on GitHub." As is the case with most open source projects, the suite will continue to be offered commercially for those who need more comprehensive support.

It's not the first time Telerik has open sourced its offerings. It already open sources NativeScript, Kendo UI for jQuery, and the JustDecompile Engine that runs behind its JustCode productivity add-in for Visual Studio.

Telerik's most recent open sourcing efforts with UI for UWP are the prelude to the company's formal membership with The .NET Foundation, which the company said is in process with a donation to the organization. "With this donation, we are extending our commitment to the .NET ecosystem and lending our extensive experience with tooling for the next generation of Windows apps for phones, tablets and desktops," said Faris Sweis, Telerik Senior Vice President and General Manager of Developer Tooling, through an official press release.

To use Progress Telerik UI for UWP and contribute to it, go here. To view a replay of the Windows Developer Day keynote, go here.

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