Infragistics Ultimate UI Suite Adds Xamarin Support

Updated: Infragistics' UI controls suite comes with Xamarin-tuned controls via a Xamarin Productivity Pack full of templates, code snippets, pre-built configuration files, and more.

[Editor's Note: This article has been changed significantly with updates to erroneous information that was in the original version. Specifically, the Productivity Pack is a new feature, separate from the updated controls that are already in the suite. Apologies to Infragistics for the errors.]

Infragistics released a suite of UI controls tuned particularly for building cross-platform apps that can take advantage of the rapid development capabilities of Microsoft Xamarin platform.

Infragistics Ultimate UI for Xamarin includes an array of controls: DataGrid; more than 45 DataCharts; Category Chart; Pie Chart; Radial Gauge; Linear Gauge; Bullet Graph; Excel Library; Mobile Schedule (with Month, Day, Week, and Agenda views); Map; Funnel Chart; Sparkline Chart; Donut Chart; QR Barcode.

Also new is a Xamarin Productivity Pack that's full of templates, pre-built configurators, and an App Map diagramming IDE, which provides for mapping out the workflow of an application. Those workflows also include master-detail, tab, and child pages for more detailed information. Views, ViewModels, and navigation code and a best-practice Prism architecture in a MVVM solution for the entire app can also be generated with one press of the F5 key. 

The Xamarin Productivity Packs also include a Xamarin Forms Toolbox, which comes with standard layouts, views, and controls that are Xamarin-specific. All that needs to be done to use them is to drag and drop a control from the toolbox to the XAML editor, which automatically adds the xmlns namespace and defines the control.

The configurators in the productivity pack provide a way to visually (rather than programmatically) configure controls in the XAML editor, and have them configured and data-bound directly from XAML files with pre-built styles and themes and WYSIWYG property editing.

Controls can be added to projects simply by adding NuGet packages, and to provide a sample to shave time off the learning curve on implementing controls, Ultimate UI includes a reference mobile app called Moo2U that comes with documentation and videos that can be accessed via the company's Xamarin learning center.

Infragistics UI for Xamarin comes in two flavors: The version with Standard support is $799, and with Priority support, it's $1,299. For more and to download a trial version, go to

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