VS Code Team Posts Help Wanted Ad for More Python

We earlier reported how Microsoft's Visual Studio Code team has gone all in on Python, noting it hired the developer of the code editor's most popular Python extension, took over the project as its own and is hiring more Python coders to improve it.

That last bit is illustrated in a new post on the Hacker News site, which indicates Microsoft is seeking one developer to work full-time in Redmond (possibly remote) on Python in Visual Studio Code.

Specifically, the dev will likely be tasked with working on that aforementioned Microsoft Python Extension available in the Visual Studio Code Marketplace.

What's more, that new dev likely will be working with Don Jayamanne, who created the extension and was subsequently hired to join the VS Code team to further its development under the direction of new owner Microsoft.

That extension has been installed more than 7 million times, earning a 4.6 (1-5 scale) from 167 reviewers.

Its popularity stems from Python functionality that comes alive in VS Code thanks to Microsoft's Language Server Protocol, which provides language-specific intelligence and communicates with development tools via a protocol enabling inter-process communication that allows for functionality such as auto code complete, go to definition, documentation on hover and so on.

The ad was posted by Shahrokh Mortazavi, whose bio says:

Shahrokh Mortazavi runs the Data Science Developer Tools teams at Microsoft, focused on Python, R, and Jupyter Notebooks ( Previously, he was in the High Performance Computing group at Microsoft. He worked on the Phoenix Compiler tool chain (code gen, analysis, JIT) at Microsoft Research and, prior to that, over a 10 year period led Sun Microsystems’ Code Generation & Optimization compiler backend teams.

If you think your Python/TypeScript chops (TypeScript is the primary development language for the editor) are up for it, here's the full text of the ad on HN:

Microsoft | 1 Dev for VS Code | Redmond* | Full-time

Our team builds tooling for Python developers: <<<< you'll work on this

This is a dev position for working on VS Code's Python support. VSC is cross-plat, lighter weight Editor++ (where ++ means debugging, etc.). The primary development language for VSC is TypeScript - although some parts are written in Python/.net.

If you are passionate about devtools, developer productivity, IDEs, languages, data science, ... this might be an exciting position for you!

Ideal candidate profile:

* 4+ years of JS/TS experience <<<<

* Experience creating extensions for VS Code is a major plus

* Experience working on IDE components (Editor/Debugger/...) is a major plus

All of our work has been done in open source from day one. We have no OS or HW religion - pick win, macos, linux, lenovo, macbook, ... :)

The position is for Redmond, WA, however I'll consider exceptional candidates for remote work as well.

If interested, or have questions, please send your resume to [email protected] with the subject line: "VSC-Python"

Thank you!

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