What's New in TypeScript 3.3

The answer to the headline above is basically "not much," as Microsoft describes the new v3.3 update to TypeScript as "a smaller release than usual." But don't worry: TypeScript error messages may be displayed in haiku form in later releases, per one proposal on the roadmap.

A few new features that were mentioned by TypeScript guru Daniel Rosenwasser in an announcement blog post yesterday (Jan. 31) include improved behavior for calling union types, incremental file watching for composite projects and JavaScript editing in Sublime Text.

"Thanks to work done by former TypeScript team member Zhengbo Li and community contributor @idiotWu, our TypeScript plugin for Sublime Text now supports editing in JavaScript files!" Rosenwasser said of the latter new feature. "This means users will get more accurate completions, rename, go-to-definition, and more in JavaScript code that utilizes JSDoc and interoperates with TypeScript code."

Going forward, the TypeScript features roadmap shows more features on top to be introduced in v3.4, including:

Beyond that v.3.4 release that's scheduled for March, the "Future" features planned are:

And yes, you read that right: One of the future proposals is that "TypeScript error messages should always come in haiku form," publicized by Sarah Higley on March 13, 2018, and subsequently added to the roadmap by Rosenwasser.

[Click on image for larger view.] "TypeScript error messages should always come in haiku form." (source: Twitter).

Some examples of the form that such poetic error messages might take (though not actual error messages), posted on Twitter by Nick Nisi, include:

Command line options
You make my life so easy
Additional checks
My code is breaking
Ignore this error message
Everything is good
I don't like magic
Decorator expression
Let's change the standard

However, this reporter could find no corresponding issues for haiku or iambic parameter error message open issues on the GitHub site for TypeScript.

The idea may have sprung from a May 2017 post on about "Flow -- JavaScript Type Checker."

That post demonstrates how to generate error messages from a haiku.txt file that appear like this:

Out of memory.
We wish to hold the whole sky,
But we never will.

Stay tuned for more on this TypeScript roadmap item.

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