Snppts Aims to Provide One-Stop Shop for Xamarin UI

A Microsoft dev blog today introduced Snppts, a budding GitHub project that aims to aggregate community Xamarin UI constructs in one place.

The July 15 post, "Snppts – Beautiful UI Snippets for Xamarin.Forms," is authored by Steven Thewissen, a Netherlands Xamarin developer who along with compatriot Gerald Versluis founded and runs the new GitHub project.

"Snppts is an aggregator of all things user interface related to Xamarin," Thewissen said. "Community members can upload their favorite designs and provide the source code to implement. Think of it as a Planet Xamarin for Xamarin user interfaces. By aggregating all of these designs in a single place, we are slowly building a great resource. One to get both inspirations from and to allow developers to show off their work."

[Click on image for larger view.] Snppts (source: Snppts).

Creating a Xamarin.Forms Snppts contribution involves creating two C# class objects to hold author and snippet information, added to the library via a pull request.

So far, the GitHub repository shows 12 entries in the authors library.

The Web site showing off the wares reveals calculators, datagrids, lists, maps and more.

"We take a great interest in creating (re)useable and sexy UI designs and in recent times the Xamarin community seems to have done the same," the site says. "Therefore, we decided to create a platform where developers and designers from all over the world can come together and share their beautiful work. That way all of us can benefit and we can spread the Xamarin message even further!"

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