Oracle Cloud Functions Now Supports C#

C# coders can now use the Functions service in the Oracle Cloud to build and deploy functions typically used in serverless, event-driven computing.

Akin to Azure Functions, Google Cloud Functions and AWS Lambda, Oracle Cloud Functions is a serverless platform that lets developers create, run and scale applications without managing any infrastructure.

Now, C# coders who for some reason don't want to work with one of the "Big 3" providers, have a new option in Oracle Cloud -- sometimes ranked among the top five cloud computing platforms.

Oracle this week announced the new support, saying, "A new Function Development Kit (FDK) is available for C# (.NET 3.1)."

We assume Oracle, not being fully immersed in the Microsoft-centric development space, meant .NET Core 3.1 and not the old .NET Framework 3.1 circa 2012. Currently, of course, .NET 7 is in the works for a 2022 debut, following .NET 6 and .NET 5, which came after .NET Core 3.1.

Languages Supported by Oracle Functions
[Click on image for larger view.] Languages Supported by Oracle Functions (source: Oracle).

Although Oracle Cloud Functions language support is running a couple releases behind for C#/.NET, it's more up to date for other languages, as shown in the graphic above.

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