Syncfusion Essential Studio Release Enhances .NET MAUI, WinUI, Blazor and More

The new release of Syncfusion's Essential Studio 2022 Volume 1 enhances controls for .NET MAUI, Microsoft's evolution of Xamarin.Forms, which is expected to soon hit general availability status.

.NET MAUI Release Candidate 2 shipped just last week and is expected to be released this month, probably during Microsoft's big Build developer conference.

"We're quite focused on building a robust .NET MAUI suite," said CEO Daniel Jebaraj in a May 3 news release. "It's the future of Xamarin mobile app development, and we want to have the tools ready for Microsoft's release of .NET MAUI." He further noted that, "Our customers voted a carousel control as their number one priority in our feedback portal, so we've delivered."

.NET MAUI highlights in the year's first Syncfusion release include:

  • New controls available in the .NET MAUI platform in preview status:
    • Barcode Generator
    • Linear Gauge
    • Range Selector
  • The .NET MAUI ListView control is now enhanced to support WinUI (Windows).
  • The .NET MAUI Scheduler now supports the agenda view.
Going forward, the .NET MAUI roadmap indicates new controls including Avatar View, Busy Indicator, DataGrid, Maps and Signature Pad.

Other highlights of the new Essential Studio 2022 offering of .NET-centric and other controls add features and functionality for:

  • Web development with ASP.NET Core and its Blazor component, along with ASP.NET MVC and JavaScript-based frameworks. For example, all web platforms now include light and dark variants of the Fluent theme.
  • Mobile development with Xamarin and Flutter.
  • Desktop development with WinForms, WPF and WinUI.

More information can be found in the What's New site and announcement blog post.

About the Author

David Ramel is an editor and writer for Converge360.

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