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RAT Costs Extra

In my premier entry, I pointed out that Oracle launched its next generation database. Now the Oracle’s 11g database is in fact shipping, and as mentioned just for Linux-based servers for now. While Oracle remains mum on the Windows release, it is in beta and company officials have indicated they are aiming for release before year-end. But the Linux-based release did provide some insights for those who will ultimately deploy Oracle 11g on Windows. Some of best new features cost extra. For example Advanced Compression and Real Application Testing, or RAT, each cost $10,000 per processor or $200 per named user. Oracle Total Recall and Active Data Guard also cost extra. As reported, the Windows release is targeted for year end.

If you are beta testing the new version of Oracle 11g for Windows, please drop me a line and share your observations with us. I’m especially interested in those using Oracle’s new SQL Developer tool integrated with Visual Studio tools. I also want to hear from you if your organization is also testing SQL Server 2008, code-named Katmai. Even if you are only testing the latter, please let me know at [email protected]. I will be sharing some more observations in the future.

Posted on 08/22/2007

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