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Calling on Oracle 11g Developers

Microsoft is courting Oracle users offering 50 percent discounts to those who migrate off Oracle databases onto SQL Server. The timing comes as Oracle is readying the Windows version of its 11g database for release by year’s end.

One .NET database developer who sent me an e-mail this week may be a good candidate to take Microsoft up on its offer. The customer, who runs applications on Oracle 10g running on Windows, decided to migrate to Oracle 11g, which last month was released for Linux servers. He exported a schema that is used for a Web site he manages. While all looked well (the data was there and the account was accessible), when it came to the Web server login, the user names and passwords were invalid, though he could login using SQL*Plus (Oracle’s command-line SQL and PL/SQL interface and reporting tools that ships with Oracle databases). He believes the new password security is causing the problem.

"Because of the sensitive downtime of the Web site, I had to start the old 10g database to allow the account to log in," he writes. He does want to get to the 11g database, but needs to solve this problem. When I asked if he tried Oracle’s technical support, he said, yes but to no avail. Anyone out there have any suggestions? Add your comment to this blog or e-mail me at [email protected].

Posted by Jeffrey Schwartz on 09/26/2007

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