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'Katmai' Waiting Game

Are you going to the Microsoft PASS SQL Server Users Conference and Expo in Denver next week? If so, let us know what you will be looking to find out.

One area that will see increased focus this year is around the reporting services in SQL Server. "I think people are realizing BI as a whole has matured and the industry is pushing the use if BI technology to help users get meaningful data out of the databases," says Josh Jones, a database administrator with IntrinsiQ Research Inc. and author of the forthcoming book, Architecting Database Models for SQL Server (Pearson Education).

Jones says companies are realizing they can’t just scrape data off of a staging database or an OLTP server. As a contributor to Redmond Developer News and an active participant in the SQL Server user groups, Jones will be on the scene at next week’s conference.

In addition to BI, one thing that will certainly be top of mind at the SQL Server Users Conference is Microsoft’s SQL Server 2008 -- code named "Katmai." The first CTP was released at TechEd in June and the second one at the end of July. We're all expecting to see another some time this month, which would be in keeping with Microsoft’s plan to release new CTPs every 60 days. Jones says one of the key things he believes development managers are grappling with is whether to migrate to SQL Server 2005, or wait for SQL Server 2008.

"I think people are still trying to get their hands around what it means for their legacy code, and their licensing, and their development and test clusters," Jones says.

At last count, Microsoft reported only 20,000 downloads of the SQL Server 2008 CTP. Are you among them? Or are you reluctant to get on board? Let me know why by posting here or sending me e-mail at [email protected].

Posted by Jeffrey Schwartz on 09/12/2007

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