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Free PASS Available For SQL Server 2008 CTP

Want to take SQL Server 2008 for a test drive but perhaps you don't have the computing resources to run it? The Professional Association For SQL Server, the umbrella user group for Microsoft's flagship database, has opened up a hosted site for just that purpose. PASS has enlisted Louisville, Ky.-based MaximumASP and Dell to provide the resources to host the Community Technology Preview. Originally offered to Microsoft MVPs in November when CTP5 was released, PASS opened it up free of charge to any potential customer who wants to test SQL Server 2008.

Wayne Snyder, who became president of PASS earlier this month, says there are many testers who would prefer to test it on a hosted server.

"For me, I am using the CTPs, and using my four or six gigs of disk space is a lot of aggravation -- that's a lot for someone who just wants to jump on and play with some features," says Snyder, who is also managing consultant for Mariner USA, a BI software vendor that is a Microsoft Gold Partner.

Nearly 700 testers have signed on for the special CTP licenses, says Sarah Barela, MaximumASP's manager of database services. "We are getting about 20 people a day," Barela says. The vast majority, she adds, are trying it out primarily for to see what the new database looks like. "Everyone is especially interested in the database," she says. Testers can use the full client or a run it through Terminal Services, she adds.

Potential testers can sign in here to test the current CTP. When new CTPs are released, the company says customer data will be migrated within 36 hours.

Have you tried the CTP either via or via native download? Let us know what you think at [email protected].

Posted by Jeffrey Schwartz on 01/15/2008 at 1:15 PM

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