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Tech-Ed 2007 Wrap-Up

This year's spring Microsoft Tech-Ed event in steamy Orlando, Fla. may not have been as product- and news-packed as previous iterations of the show. But representatives for Redmond were able to hit a few high notes over the week.

Certainly, Bob Muglia's opening keynote on service-enabled environments and what Microsoft is calling "Dynamic IT" offers a concrete sense of the direction Microsoft is going -- even if we're still not sure of the final destination.

Microsoft continues to play coy with SOA, borrowing much of the terminology while trying to craft a blended message that incorporates packaged applications, hosted applications and Web services.

More to the point, it seems Muglia and company are determined to deliver a more granular and incremental service-centric vision. The goal: Encourage IT to service-enable development, without marching into the kind of epic corporate trek that can so often wreck careers and obliterate IT budgets.

What do you think? Is Microsoft stalling for time with its vision-in-progress? Or are we looking at an honest attempt to right-size the utopian promises of SOA? E-mail me at [email protected].

Want to learn more? Check out RDN's in-show coverage by Executive Editor Jeffrey Schwartz and News Editor Chris Kanaracus at our Web site at

Posted by Michael Desmond on 06/06/2007

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