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Database Programming with C# explains the essentials of database programming to those familiar already with C#. Learn to exploit the VS.NET IDE to access data, and more.

There's no doubt C# is here to stay. Countless organizations and individuals are investing their time and money into mastering this new standard language, and as with most languages, understanding how to access data is a requirement in becoming a proficient application developer. Carsten Thomsen's Database Programming with C# helps shed some light on this foundational topic.

The book is divided into three sections. The first is a brief introduction to C# itself. The second part comprises the heart of the book; Thomsen covers high-level database programming concepts, including how to use ADO.NET in both a connected and disconnected state, how to use the Visual Studio IDE to help access data, and how to manage data exceptions. The book centers on using SQL Server and details the use of stored procedures, views, and triggers. Thomsen also spends time demonstrating how to connect to hierarchical databases, such as Active Directory, and he provides insight into working with Microsoft Message Queue Server.

The third section of the book uses a sample application to give you insight into data access with C#. Thomsen provides an appendix with further information on the use of XML with SQL Server 2000.

Overall, this book has a lot of breadth, and is great for those who are fluent already in C# and have little to no experience with database programming.

Database Programming with C#
by Carsten Thomsen
ISBN: 1590590104
Price: $54.95
Quick Facts: Covers a wide range of topics, including basic consumption of ADO.NET, accessing LDAP data, working with message queues, creating data wrappers, and using data-bound controls.
Pros: Provides introductory information on many data-access subjects; covers the complete spectrum of data-access techniques.
Cons: Not written for seasoned developers or those looking for data-access design-pattern information. Doesn't cover many different databases, such as DB2 or Oracle.

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