• Spell Check Your Comments in Visual Studio

    If you’re going to write comments then you might as well avoid embarrassing yourself. 10/16/2018

  • Speeding Up SQL Server: Planning for One-Time Queries

    Peter shares a great tool that not only makes your application run faster but gives you insight into other potential problems. 10/15/2018

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    From Ada to Azure: 25 Years of Software at Visual Studio Live!

    Laurent Bugnion, a Senior Cloud Developer Advocate for Microsoft who downloaded his first Web site on Mosaic in 1993, takes you on a trip through time to review software developments during the 25-year span of the Visual Studio Live! .NET training and networking conferences. 10/12/2018

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    Visual Studio Feedback Switching from UserVoice to 'Suggest a Feature' on Developer Community Site

    The Visual Studio Engineering Team is moving off the UserVoice site previously used to collect developer feedback about the IDE in favor of a new "Suggest a Feature" mechanism on the Developer Community site. 10/11/2018

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    Microsoft Takes Infer.NET Machine Learning Framework to Open Source

    One of the latest Microsoft creations to be taken open source is a cutting-edge project in the booming artificial intelligence space. 10/11/2018

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    Microsoft: .NET Core Is the Future, So Get Moving

    In a Visual Studio Live! conference keynote Tuesday a couple of Microsoft program managers discussed .NET today and tomorrow, clearly signaling that .NET Core is the future of the ecosystem and that programmers should use it for all new development projects. 10/10/2018

  • A Blazor Tip You Should Almost Certainly Ignore

    The Blazor documentation doesn't say you can't do this and it does actually work. But, still, you'd probably be foolish to take advantage of it. 10/10/2018

  • Practical .NET

    The Fastest Data Access Possible with Compiled Procs

    If, in your "need for speed," you're looking to access and update your data as fast as possible, you can get to that goal by combining memory-optimized tables with compiled procs. 10/09/2018

  • Practical .NET

    Speed Up Your Application with SQL Server In-Memory Tables

    If screaming speed in data access is the most important thing in your life, SQL Server's durable in-memory, memory-optimized tables are your answer. They were good in SQL Server 2014 and they're even better in SQL Server 2016, 2017 and Azure. 10/09/2018

  • Practical .NET

    Debugging Xamarin Android Apps

    You have a bunch of options for debugging Android applications built with Xamarin. Unfortunately, only one of them has worked well for Peter in all scenarios. Here are all your options with Peter's opinion on each and a recommendation on the best one. 10/08/2018

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    Visual Studio 2017 v15.9 Preview 3 Improves Xamarin, TypeScript, More

    Microsoft announced the third preview of Visual Studio 2017 v15.9, improving Xamarin and TypeScript functionality along with a bevy of other improvements. 10/08/2018

  • Updating Entity Framework Objects with Changed Data

    You've got a class that accepts an object from a client (perhaps, that class is an ASP.NET MVC Controller). Here's the simplest way to update the related Entity Framework object with the client's data before saving it to your database. 10/04/2018

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    Progress JavaScript UI Toolkit Bakes In Accessibility

    Progress released an update of its Kendo UI JavaScript component toolset for building Web UI, adding new functionality while meeting the latest WCAG Web accessibility standard. 10/04/2018

  • .NET Tip: Testing Private Fields

    Peter thinks he's a bad person for even mentioning this tip. But, he claims, sometimes your best option in testing is to look at the internal state of the code under test. PrivateObject and PrivateType will let you do that. 10/03/2018

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