• The Data Science Lab

    How to Create and Use a PyTorch DataLoader

    Dr. James McCaffrey of Microsoft Research provides a full code sample and screenshots to explain how to create and use PyTorch Dataset and DataLoader objects, used to serve up training or test data in order to train a PyTorch neural network. 09/10/2020

  • Practical .NET

    Working with Local Storage in a Blazor Progressive Web App

    Thanks to Chris Sainty and Remi Bourgarel, working with local storage from a Blazor application running either in the browser or out of it is relatively easy. Testing your code can be equally easy but only if you set up support the real world of network connections. 09/09/2020

  • News

    Amid COVID-19 Remote-Learning Surge, Microsoft Touts Azure Cognitive Services

    With the U.S. already adjusting to the new remote-work reality caused by COVID-19, remote learning is taking center stage as the school season starts, and Microsoft is touting its Azure Cognitive Services to help. 09/08/2020

  • News

    Visual Studio Codespaces Consolidates to GitHub Codespaces

    Microsoft caused Codespaces confusion after it renamed its Visual Studio Online offering "Visual Studio Codespaces" and subsequently GitHub, owned by the company, introduced its own Codespaces. 09/04/2020

  • News

    VB Variants Rank High in Top-Paying Freelancer Skills, Popularity

    Visual Basic continues to rank highly in various popularity and salary indices despite being deprecated by Microsoft, with the most recent examples coming from freelance development platform Upwork and popularity index TIOBE. 09/04/2020

  • News

    Microsoft Offers New Documentation for Blazor and gRPC in ASP.NET Core

    With .NET 5 release candidates on tap ahead of an official November GA debut, Microsoft has published new documentation for some of the hottest ASP.NET Core components, including Blazor and gRPC. 09/03/2020

  • News

    Microsoft: 'We Are Finished with F# 5'

    While highlighting new development work on Microsoft's F# programming language alongside the latest .NET 5 preview, the company announced that, except for one minor enhancement, "we are finished with F# 5!" 09/03/2020

  • The Data Science Lab

    Data Prep for Machine Learning: Splitting

    Dr. James McCaffrey of Microsoft Research explains how to programmatically split a file of data into a training file and a test file, for use in a machine learning neural network for scenarios like predicting voting behavior from a file containing data about people such as sex, age, income and so on. 09/01/2020

  • News

    Microsoft Survey: Developers Held Back by Lack of 'Native AOT' in .NET Core

    Lack of native ahead-of-time (AOT) compilation in .NET Core is a sore spot for Microsoft, which just published results of a survey indicating that this missing option is holding developers back from using the framework more. 08/31/2020

  • News

    Firm Automates Converting Visual Basic Apps to .NET Core

    Mobilize.Net, an "automated modernization" specialist headed by a former Microsoft corporate VP, has upgraded its Visual Basic upgrade tool to target .NET Core, the open source, cross-platform successor of the Windows-only .NET Framework. 08/28/2020

  • News

    Blazor WebAssembly Gets Lazy Loading

    Blazor enhancements show strongly in the list of ASP.NET Core updates included in this week's release of .NET 5 Preview 8, with lazy loading of assemblies for the client-side component heading the list of improvements to the open source framework that allows for web development in C# instead of JavaScript. 08/27/2020

  • News

    .NET 5 Now 'Feature Complete' with Preview 8, Go Live Release Candidates Up Next

    The milestone .NET 5.0 release is now feature complete with the new Preview 8, Microsoft announced, with a couple of go-live release candidates on tap ahead of the official November ship date. 08/26/2020

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