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    VSLive! Keynote: Abel Wang Details Microsoft's Painful DevOps Journey

    Wang's team has been at the forefront of Microsoft's journey from plodding, waterfall-oriented software provider to agile, cloud-based organization. It was, he said, "incredibly painful." 08/17/2018

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    F# 4.5 Arrives with Span Support, Aligning with .NET Core 2.1

    Microsoft shipped an update to its functional programming language, incorporating Span support in the new F# 4.5. 08/16/2018

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    Visual Studio Live! Keynote: Building Effective Development Teams the Hard Way

    Expert advice often explains how to do things easier, but sometimes that advice resonates more when it details hard lessons learned. 08/15/2018

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    What's New in Visual Studio 2017 15.8

    New features in Visual Studio 2017 15.8 focus on productivity and performance. 08/15/2018

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    Tool Checks Desktop App Readiness for .NET Core 3.0

    Microsoft released a tool to help developers check if their Windows Forms and Windows Presentation Framework applications are ready for the new platform, which it said promises a "drastically better deployment solution." 08/14/2018

  • Practical .NET

    Generate Useful Documentation for Your Web API Project

    If you want to impress your boss (or client) with your diligence in generating documentation for your Web Service, then you need Swagger. That it will also make it easier for you to run tests on your service and check for typical errors is just icing on the cake. 08/13/2018

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    What's New in Visual Studio Code 1.26 (July Update)

    The July 2018 release of Visual Studio Code features new functionality for navigation, applying Quick Fixes to address problems, working with extensions and more. 08/13/2018

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    Xamarin Previews iOS 12 SDKs

    Microsoft's Xamarin team announced a preview release that lets C# developers tackle iOS 12, the next major release of Apple's mobile OS that's expected to ship this fall. 08/10/2018

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    Windows Community Toolkit 4.0 Update Ships

    Microsoft has shipped Windows Community Toolkit 4.0, after earlier this year renaming the collection of development tools to reflect its broader reach beyond Universal Windows Platform apps to frameworks such as WPF, WinForms, Xamarin and .NET Core. 08/09/2018

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    Microsoft Updates ML.NET Machine Learning Framework

    Microsoft has updated ML.NET, its cross-platform, open source machine learning framework for .NET developers, as it asks for input on a major API revamp. 08/08/2018

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    VS Code Tool Targets Alexa Skills Development

    A new Visual Studio Code extension from the Amazon Alexa dev team targets the development and deployment of skills, or capabilities the voice-activated virtual assistant can perform in response to verbal commands. 08/08/2018

  • Adding Your Own Files to Your Visual Studio Solution

    Visual Studio is perfectly willing to work with any file that you want to add to your solution -- you just have to tell it what editor to use. 08/07/2018

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    Microsoft Addresses Botched .NET Framework Updates

    Microsoft issued fixes to address problems with .NET Framework applications that were caused by July Windows patches. 08/07/2018

  • Switching Your Xamarin Project to Standard Class Projects

    If you're building a Xamarin solution you should be using a .NET Standard Class library to hold your common code. Here's how to convert an existing Xamarin Solution using a Shared or PCL project to the new standard. 08/06/2018

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