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    VS Code Python Tool Adds Jupyter Functionality

    The super-popular Python extension for the Visual Studio Code editor gets some new Jupyter functionality in the December release, including Jupyter Notebook export options and remote Jupyter support. 12/14/2018

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    Providing Constant Context for .NET Core Tests

    By default, tests in the new .NET Core testing framework (xUnit) are isolated. This is a good thing ... except when you need to create a single test environment that is used by multiple tests. Here's all the ways you can provide a single environment for a set of tests in xUnit. 12/13/2018

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    Triplebyte Charts 'The Rise of Visual Studio Code'

    Technical hiring specialist Triplebyte, noticing a huge upsurge in the use of Visual Studio Code during its hands-on programming interviews, dug into its data trove to learn more. 12/12/2018

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    Big Changes in Xamarin.Forms 4.0 Prompt Early Preview

    There are so many big changes coming in Xamarin.Forms 4.0 that Microsoft has issued an earlier-than-usual preview to gather feedback on the cross-platform UI toolkit for coding iOS and Android apps. 12/12/2018

  • Practical .NET

    Writing xUnit Tests in .NET Core

    There's a new testing framework in town. Here's how to use it. 12/11/2018

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    Blazor Gets a Fiddle

    Cutting-edge Web developers who want to use Blazor to code sites in the browser with C# instead of JavaScript can now experiment in an online playground/sandbox. 12/11/2018

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    Developers Find New Use Cases for Visual Studio Live Share

    After helping developers collaborate from within Visual Studio with Live Share, Microsoft is finding those coders are coming up with innovative use cases for the technology it hadn't thought of. 12/10/2018

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    Microsoft Ships .NET Core 2.2 and Previews .NET Core 3.0

    Amid the hubbub caused by Microsoft open sourcing WPF, WinForms and other desktop tech, the company also shipped the final version of .NET Core 2.2 and unveiled the first preview of .NET Core 3.0. 12/07/2018

  • An Ad Hoc Approach to Passing Elements from Blazor to JavaScript

    Here's a tool to help you integrate Blazor and JavaScript by passing HTML elements defined in Blazor to JavaScript functions. 12/06/2018

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    Visual Studio's AI-Powered Assistant, IntelliCode, Gets Smarter

    Visual Studio's IntelliCode has gotten smarter -- using artificial intelligence to provide better code completion suggestions -- and more robust, now supporting more programming languages. 12/06/2018

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    Enabling Enterprise AI for Everyone with SQL Server

    Microsoft believes artificial intelligence is so powerful it should be "democratized" so organizations and developers of all types can use it to transform and improve their business practices. 12/05/2018

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    Microsoft Open Sources .NET Desktop Tech: WPF, Windows Forms, WinUI

    Microsoft's sunsetting of the proprietary Windows-centric .NET Framework continues as the company has open sourced some of its most popular desktop components: Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Forms and Windows UI XAML Library. 12/04/2018

  • The Practical Client

    Architecting Blazor (and Integrating JavaScript)

    Sometimes the easiest solution isn't the best one. Here's an architectural approach to building Blazor pages that also makes it easy to combine the worlds of JavaScript and Blazor. 12/04/2018

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    Visual Studio 2019 Preview Debuts

    Visual Studio 2019 debuted today in its first preview, showing off more collaborative and "smarter" AI-assisted coding. 12/04/2018

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