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    VS Code Gets New Python Language Server, Named After Monty Python Character

    The dev team for Python in Visual Studio Code announced a new tool to provide those smarts, Pylance, named after a character created by the British Monty Python surreal comedy troupe. 07/01/2020

  • Practical .NET

    Write Once, Run Everywhere with .NET and the Uno Platform

    Right now, in Visual Studio, you can create a solution that takes a single UI with its code and shares it across Windows, Android, macOS, iOS and web browsers. It's not a perfect cross-platform solution (yet), but it's here now. 06/30/2020

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    VS Code Java Devs Get 'CALL TO ACTION' to Upgrade to Java 11

    Developers using Visual Studio Code for Java development will soon be required to use Java 11, thanks to a recent decision of the Eclipse Platform. 06/30/2020

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    What's New for TypeScript and F#

    Microsoft updated tools for its functional programming-oriented F# language and announced a beta for the milestone TypeScript 4.0 release scheduled for Aug. 4. 06/29/2020

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    Blazor WebAssembly Template Lands in .NET 5 Preview 6

    Microsoft shipped Preview 6 of the unifying .NET 5 framework, with several updates being added to the web site development component of the framework -- ASP.NET Core -- including the addition of a Blazor WebAssembly template. 06/25/2020

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    .NET 5 Now 2 Steps Away from Feature Complete

    Microsoft shipped the sixth preview of .NET 5, saying the milestone release designed to combine all things .NET is only two steps away from becoming feature complete in preview 8, with the final GA release scheduled for November. 06/25/2020

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    Microsoft Furthers Big Java Push with OpenJDK Port

    Microsoft is furthering its big Java push -- marked by last year's debut of the Java Engineering Group in its Developer Division -- by porting OpenJDK for Windows 10 on Arm (AArch64)-based devices. 06/25/2020

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    Kubernetes Machine Learning Hacked for Crypto Mining in Azure Cloud

    Hackers managed to exploit user misconfigurations -- apparently done for convenience -- to launch cryptocurrency mining campaigns leveraging powerful Kubernetes machine learning nodes in the Azure cloud, Microsoft announced earlier this month. 06/24/2020

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    Move Over, JSON, Here's gRPC-Web for .NET (& Blazor)

    Microsoft officially released gRPC-Web for .NET, aiming the RPC-based (Remote Procedure Call) framework at browser-based apps, including those built with Blazor, the red-hot project that allows for creating browser/web apps with C# instead of JavaScript. 06/23/2020

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    Python in Visual Studio Code Gets a Start Page

    Among the improvements to Python functionality in the open source, cross-platform Visual Studio Code editor is a new start page highlighting the latest features, changes, tutorials and more. 06/23/2020

  • News

    Xamarin.Forms 4.7 Ships

    Microsoft shipped Xamarin.Forms 4.7, improving the definition of grid columns and rows, multi-bindings, shapes/paths and more. 06/23/2020

  • The Data Science Lab

    Working With PyTorch Tensors

    Dr. James McCaffrey of Microsoft Research presents the fundamental concepts of tensors necessary to establish a solid foundation for learning how to create PyTorch neural networks, based on his teaching many PyTorch training classes at work. 06/15/2020

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