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    VS Live! Keynote: Optimization and Deployment After Coding an Angular Web App

    After coding an Angular JavaScript app, there's still a lot of work to be done to move it to the cloud, and Microsoft's John Papa explained how to use various tools to ease that process at the Visual Studio Live! conference in Orlando. 11/20/2017

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    'Visual Studio Live Share' Preview Does Real-Time Collaboration

    At last week's Connect conference, Microsoft introduced Visual Studio Live Share to allow dev teams to interactively collaborate via sharing code for editing/debugging, troubleshooting, iteration or optimizing apps -- among a host of other preview tools. 11/20/2017

  • Code Focused

    Storing Configuration Data in the Windows Registry Playground

    Today, application settings are more likely to appear in local XML files, but the Windows Registry and its hives of key/value pairs can also be used. The good news is that interacting with the Registry is straightforward, as Tim shows you here. 11/16/2017

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    Live! 360: Microsoft Shares DevOps Lessons Learned

    Microsoft shared some lessons learned at this week's Live! 360 conference in Orlando, detailing how the Visual Studio Team Services/Team Foundation Server group eats its own DevOps dog food. 11/16/2017

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    Developer Value Goes Far Beyond Coding

    While coding cutting-edge tech in Visual Studio is cool, it's not enough in today's environment of communication, collaboration, agile methodologies, DevOps and so on, said experts in a panel discussion at the Live! 360 conference in Orlando. 11/15/2017

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    New Realm .NET Caters to Mobile Dev Platform's 'Fastest Growing Segment'

    Realm has boosted the Microsoft stack capabilities of its mobile development platform, catering to C# coders and .NET developers, who constitute the platform's fastest growing segment of users. 11/15/2017

  • Practical .NET

    Retrieving and Updating JSON Objects in SQL Server 2016

    With SQL Server 2016, you can store JSON objects in your rows. Here’s how to work with JSON objects, including how to update them once you’ve found them. 11/14/2017

  • Coding iOS Apps with Visual Studio and Xamarin (but No Mac?)

    You still need a Mac to deploy an iOS app to the App Store, but there is an awful lot you can do just with Visual Studio on Windows, thanks to a preview tool and a handy cloud service, Matthew Soucoup explained in a presentation at the Visual Studio Live! conference in Orlando, Fla. 11/14/2017

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    Microsoft Updates Java Debugger for VS Code

    Microsoft updated the open source Java debugger for Visual Studio Code, adding support for Java 9 among other improvements. 11/13/2017

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    VS Code Finally Gets Multi-Root Workspaces

    Visual Studio Code development is marching on to its steady monthly release cadence, knocking off user feature requests one by one, with multi-root workspaces topping the new v1.18 iteration. 11/10/2017

  • Practical .NET

    Building the Object Model You Want with Entity Framework

    When it comes to inheritance, relational database theory and object-oriented programming have more in common than you might think. Understanding that overlap is critical in designing the object model that will generate the database design your application needs. 11/09/2017

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    VS Code Goes All In on Python

    The Visual Studio Code team hired the developer of the code editor's most popular Python extension, took over the project as its own and is hiring more Python coders to improve it. 11/09/2017

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    Microsoft Combines Visual Studio Extension Publishing, Management

    Microsoft is now providing a one-stop-shop for Visual Studio extensions -- both for publishers and consuming developers. 11/09/2017

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    Azure Functions, App Service Go On-Premises

    Two cloud development services -- Azure Functions and Azure App Service -- are now available on Azure Stack, which brings cloud functionality to on-premises, hybrid implementations. 11/08/2017

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