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    Q&A with Ben Hoelting: Top Tips on JavaScript Patterns for the C# Developer

    From variables to inheritances to what JavaScript patterns you really need to know, C# MVP Ben Hoelting offers his top tips for C# coders looking to use JavaScript to build complex client-side Web apps. 04/17/2018

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    Coding WebAssembly? New IDE Offers Alternative to Visual Studio

    Mozilla has unveiled an IDE for coding WebAssembly projects that could serve as an alternative to Visual Studio and the Visual Studio Code editor. 04/17/2018

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    New Azure Sphere Secures IoT Devices

    At the RSA security conference, Microsoft announced a preview of Azure Sphere for securely connecting Internet of Things devices. 04/17/2018

  • HTTP Protocol: Headers vs. Body

    As part of putting together a request to a Web Service, whatever tool you’re using will format an HTTP request. That request has two main parts: The headers (which includes the URL and the HTTP verb) and the body (your JSON payload), with the body being optional. 04/16/2018

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    Q&A with Jason Bock: What's New with Concurrent Programming in .NET

    From new features like async return types and advice on when to use the latest structures, here's Microsoft MVP Jason Bock's top tips for developers currently working with concurrent and asynchronous programming. 04/13/2018

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    What's New in .NET Core 2.1 Previews

    Microsoft this week announced the second previews of .NET Core 2.1 and its like-versioned associates, ASP.NET Core and Entity Framework Core. 04/13/2018

  • Practical .NET

    Leveraging Raw SQL in Entity Framework Core

    The ability to use SQL with Entity Framework Core has always been a cool feature. There's a new feature in Entity Framework Core that opens the door for whole new set of SQL-related functionality. 04/12/2018

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    VS App Center Touts Open Source, API-Driven DevOps for Mobile Development

    Microsoft has open sourced several tools in the pursuit of API-Driven Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery for mobile apps with Visual Studio App Center. 04/12/2018

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    .NET Core Is Key Focus of Upcoming Visual Studio Features

    .NET Core, the reinvention of the Microsoft .NET Framework as an open source, cross-platform development choice, is a key focus of the upcoming features planned for the Visual Studio IDE. 04/11/2018

  • Practical TypeScript

    Setting Up Your TypeScript Application – 2018 Version

    If you're wondering how to start integrating TypeScript into your development practices, here's both when to do it and how to do it. 04/10/2018

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    New VS Code Tool Eases Writing Microsoft Documentation

    A couple years ago, Microsoft revamped its developer documentation experience, turning to an open model in which anyone could contribute to the docs.microsoft.com site. Now, a new Visual Studio Code extension has been published to make that easier. 04/10/2018

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    Visual Studio 2017 v15.7 Preview 3: Mobile Gets a Boost

    Microsoft yesterday cranked out the third preview of Visual Studio 2017 version 15.7 with the usual bevy of improvements, including several of special interest to mobile developers creating apps with Xamarin and other .NET tools. 04/10/2018

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    '90s-Era File Manager Open Sourced, Available as Visual Studio Solution

    Microsoft's Craig Wittenberg has revived the original File Manager that first came with Windows 3.0 in 1990, getting it to run on Windows 10 and making it available as a Visual Studio solution. 04/09/2018

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    What's New in Visual Studio Code 1.22 (March Release)

    Among the usual bevy of new features introduced on a monthly basis by the Visual Studio Code team is a new take on debugging breakpoints, called Logpoints. It comes in the March release, v1.22. 04/09/2018

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