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    Microsoft Boosts WebAssembly (Used for Blazor) Performance in Edge Browser

    Microsoft has boosted the performance of WebAssembly -- and JavaScript -- in Edge's rendering engine, benefitting both developers and users. 06/19/2018

  • Disposing of the DbContext Object

    While the DbContext object has a Dispose method, you don't really need to use it ... with one exception. 06/18/2018

  • URL Rewriting vs. HTTP Redirects

    ASP.NET code gives you enhanced ability to rewrite URLs to redirect client requests. But that leads to a key question: When should you use this new ability? 06/18/2018

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    Red Hat Announces .NET Core 2.1 for Linux, OpenShift

    Open source champion Red Hat announced the general availability of .NET Core 2.1 for its Red Hat Enterprise Linux and OpenShift container platforms. 06/18/2018

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    Xamarin.Forms Mobile Apps Coming to Windows Template Studio

    Windows Template Studio, Microsoft's low-code tool for quickly creating Universal Windows Platform apps, is aiming to support more project types, including Xamarin.Forms-based iOS and Android and (possibly) Windows Presentation Foundation apps. 06/15/2018

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    VSLive! Keynote: James Montemagno on .NET 'Everywhere for Everyone'

    Microsoft's .NET has come a long way from its origins as a closed-source software framework for Windows to become what James Montemagno describes as "a vast, open, constantly growing, and ever-evolving ecosystem" that millions of modern developers are leveraging to build applications for virtually any platform. 06/14/2018

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    Docker, Kubernetes Updates Show Microsoft's Container Focus

    While Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella probably won't be working up a sweat jumping around a stage shouting, "containers, containers, containers!" the company is clearly ramping up its focus on the technology. 06/14/2018

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    Survey: More C# Coders Targeting .NET Core

    The young .NET Core, an open source, cross-platform alternative to .NET Framework, is increasingly becoming the runtime target choice for C# coders, according to new survey results published by JetBrains. 06/13/2018

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    VSLive! Keynote on Embracing Constant Change: 'You Owe It to Yourself'

    "You owe it to yourself" was a continuing theme in the keynote presentation about embracing constant change at the Visual Studio Live! conference in Boston today, presented by Jasmine Greenaway, a cloud developer advocate at Microsoft. 06/12/2018

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    New Preview Simplifes the Visual Studio Kubernetes Experience

    To better support developers who are building containerized applications that target Kubernetes in Visual Studio, Microsoft last week announced the preview of an extension for the IDE. 06/11/2018

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    Q&A with Scott Klein: SQL Server's Built-In Intelligence Features

    Scott Klein, CTO at Cloud and Devices, explains how enterprises can leverage the built-in intelligence features of SQL Server 2017 to ensure DevOps pays off. 06/08/2018

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    Blazor Update Boosts .NET/JavaScript Interoperability

    Microsoft continues to churn out updates to its experimental Blazor technology for running C# code on the Web, with the latest boosting JavaScript interoperability. 06/08/2018

  • Practical .NET

    Choosing a Xamarin Strategy

    Here's what you need to know before you create your first Xamarin application to run on a smartphone or a tablet. 06/07/2018

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    Wrangling MongoDB in VS Code? Now There's Documentation

    The May update of Visual Studio Code has added documentation for using the popular MongoDB in Microsoft's lightweight, cross-platform code editor. 06/07/2018

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