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    New Xamarin.Forms 5 Drops Visual Studio 2017 Support

    Microsoft announced Xamarin.Forms 5.0, a major release chock full of new functionality and features, but no official support for Visual Studio 2017. 01/07/2021

  • The Practical Client

    Displaying Lists Efficiently in Blazor

    Blazor's Virtualize component will let you display long lists faster without writing a lot of code. If you want to take full advantage of the component, however, you'll need a relatively smart repository to back it up. 01/06/2021

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    MAUI in .NET 6: Xamarin.Forms Does Desktop, but Not Linux or VS Code

    Microsoft's Xamarin team detailed what's coming up for MAUI, the evolution of Xamarin.Forms that will see the company take the open source, cross-platform framework for building native UIs for iOS and Android into the desktop arena -- but not to Linux. 01/05/2021

  • The Data Science Lab

    Multi-Class Classification Using PyTorch: Training

    Dr. James McCaffrey of Microsoft Research continues his four-part series on multi-class classification, designed to predict a value that can be one of three or more possible discrete values, by explaining neural network training. 01/04/2021

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    Get Through the Year with These Visual Studio Code Holiday Themes

    Just what you need to crawl over the finish line and say goodbye to 2020 with a smile on your face. 🤶 12/18/2020

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    After Last 2020 VS Code Update, What's In Store for 2021?

    With the year's last release of Visual Studio Code out in a "housekeeping" update, Microsoft highlighted new features and pointed to what's to come in 2021 for its popular open source cross-platform code editor. 12/16/2020

  • The Data Science Lab

    Multi-Class Classification Using PyTorch: Defining a Network

    Dr. James McCaffrey of Microsoft Research explains how to define a network in installment No. 2 of his four-part series that will present a complete end-to-end production-quality example of multi-class classification using a PyTorch neural network. 12/15/2020

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    Next Up for WinForms in .NET 6 Is High DPI Support

    While Microsoft and community developers have improved desktop dev tooling in .NET 5 and new open source implementations, the tech hasn't translated easily from the Windows-only .NET Framework, and catch-up efforts planned for next year's .NET 6 include high DPI support for one troublesome project, Windows Forms. 12/11/2020

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    No. 1 Visual Studio IDE Feature Request: Linux

    In the "IDE" section of the "Visual Studio" section of Microsoft's Developer Community site, the No. 1 feature request -- as measured by community votes -- is "Visual Studio for Linux." 12/09/2020

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    What's New for C++, .NET and More in Visual Studio 2019 v16.9 Preview 2

    Microsoft shipped Visual Studio 2019 v16.9 Preview 2 while issuing New Year wishes toward the end of "this unpredictable year" that saw the milestone .NET 5 arrive incomplete from the original vision because of tricky problems and pandemic-caused delays but nevertheless saw Visual Studio versions churned out at a steady pace. 12/09/2020

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    VS Code C++ Tool Broadens ARM/ARM64 Reach

    The November monthly update to the Visual Studio C++ extension continues Microsoft's embrace of ARM and ARM64 architectures, used in CPUs for mobile devices because of power efficiency and other characteristics. 12/08/2020

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