• Protect Yourself: Export Visual Studio Settings

    If you've been configuring Visual Studio to meet your needs, you should protect yourself against disaster by exporting your settings. 03/21/2019

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    Material Design Feature Highlights Xamarin.Forms 3.6

    Microsoft's Xamarin.Forms UI toolkit has been updated to version 3.6, removing the "experimental" tag from a feature that makes it easier to implement Material Design look-and-feel in cross-platform iOS and Android projects. 03/21/2019

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    TypeScript Climbs RedMonk Programming Language Popularity Ladder

    RedMonk's lastet programming language popularity report singles out TypeScript as a big mover among an otherwise fairly static ranking of the usual leaders. 03/21/2019

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    Amazon Cloud Broadens .NET Core Choices for AWS Lambda Functions

    Microsoft-centric developers working with the Amazon cloud platform now have more .NET Core choices to handle their AWS Lambda functions for serverless, event-driven programming. 03/20/2019

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    Azure Data Studio and VS Code Power Up PostgreSQL

    With the March update of Azure Data Studio, Microsoft added preview support of the popular PostgreSQL database, along with a new PostgreSQL extension for the Visual Studio Code editor. 03/19/2019

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    Xamarin.Essentials Gets 'Detect Shake,' Other New Features

    Several new features have just been added to Xamarin.Essentials, which provides cross-platform APIs for a variety of device-specific features and functionality in iOS, Android and Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps. 03/19/2019

  • Practical .NET

    Managing Production and Development Settings in ASP.NET Core

    The reality is that you will need to have, at least, two different configurations: one for production and one for development. Here's how to automate those conversions. 03/18/2019

  • Routing Razor Pages

    By default, the URLs you use to access Razor Pages are tightly tied to file names and folders in your project -- not something you could call "loose coupling." Fortunately, you can change that. 03/15/2019

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    VS Code in the Browser Project Tops GitHub's Trending List

    Coder Technologies Inc.'s newly open sourced project to provide a remotely hosted port of Visual Studio Code running in the browser has officially become the "hottest" project on GitHub. 03/15/2019

  • Practical .NET

    Extending Razor Pages

    If you move beyond the basics of working with Razor Pages, there are at least two things you should know to support creating Pages that do more than one thing and integrate with existing code. 03/14/2019

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    Microsoft Offers Engineer to Help You Take ML.NET into Production

    Microsoft's latest update of its ML.NET open source machine learning framework comes with a twist: The company is offering to provide an engineer for one-on-one help to get it working in production use. 03/14/2019

  • Proving You're Making a Difference with Code Metrics

    You've rewritten some code to make it "better" ... how do you know that? 03/13/2019

  • Cycling Through All of the Object References in Visual Studio

    You want to find all the places some object is used and, once you've found them, walk through them. Good news! You're just two keystrokes away from your goal. 03/12/2019

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    Missing Silverlight and Waiting for Blazor? CSHTML5 for C# Web Development Goes Open Source

    Microsoft's experimental Blazor project to allow .NET coding for Web projects via experimental WebAssembly may be getting all the attention, but new open source tooling does something similar, acting like a bridge between the death of Silverlight and the production readiness of WebAssembly. 03/12/2019

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