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    At Visual Studio Live!, Microsoft Sees Bright Future for AI-Driven Bots Programming

    Microsoft's Nick Landry painted a bright future for AI-driven bots programming at the recent Visual Studio Live! conference in Orlando, detailing how to get started in the growing space with the company's Bot Builder SDK, Bot Framework and other resources. 12/08/2017

  • Mobile Corner

    Getting Started with Augmented Reality in iOS 11

    With the release of iOS 11 and ARKit, creating augmented reality experiences has never been easier. Here’s a hands-on look at how easy it is to get started. 12/07/2017

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    The Visual Studio Magazine 2017 Reader's Choice Awards Are Out

    For the 24th year the readers of Visual Studio Magazine have weighed in with your thoughts on products you love best for the 2017 Reader's Choice Awards. 12/07/2017

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    Visual Studio Code Gets Boost for Java, Spring Boot Development

    As part of a wide-ranging collaboration with Pivotal Software, Microsoft's VS Code editor is getting improved support for Java and Pivotal's Spring Boot framework in the form of new and enhanced extensions. 12/06/2017

  • The Data Science Lab

    Neural Network L1 Regularization Using Python

    The data science doctor continues his exploration of techniques used to reduce the likelihood of model overfitting, caused by training a neural network for too many iterations. 12/05/2017

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    Visual Studio 2017 15.5 Ships with Better Performance, Debugging, More

    Here's a look at what's new, including improved functionality for Docker, mobile development with Xamarin, unit testing, Visual Studio for Mac, security, VS Tools for Azure Functions and much more. 12/05/2017

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    Microsoft Previews 'IoT Central' Low-Code Service

    Microsoft today unveiled a public preview of IoT Central, its Software-as-a-Service offering that works with the company's Azure cloud computing platform to simplify the development of connected device solutions. 12/05/2017

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    Xamarin Faces Challenge from Google's Flutter Mobile SDK

    In the wake of a former Visual Studio dev lead's departure for Google's Flutter team, here's a look at some published comparisons of the young Flutter project with the more established Xamarin offering that comes with Visual Studio. 12/04/2017

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    Visual Studio IDE Opens Up to More Programming Languages

    Visual Studio developers who want to program in non-native languages can now write their own extensions to do so with new support (in preview) for the Language Server Protocol, catching up to existing VS Code functionality. 12/01/2017

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    New for VS Code: Support for JUnit, HDInsight PySpark, Python and R for Azure Data Lake

    Microsoft's Visual Studio Code team ships new releases monthly, but new features are also continually being provided via other means, such as extensions. Here's a look at some brand-new functionality just announced this week. 12/01/2017

  • Visual Studio Toolbox

    Rounding Up the Newest Extensions for Visual Studio 2017

    I've collected 46 of the newest Visual Studio 2017 extensions for customizing your code editor, organizing files and projects and managing your source control. 11/30/2017

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    Visual Studio Catching Up to VS Code Editor in AI Tooling

    While the open source Visual Studio Code editor has featured artificial intelligence tooling for a while now, the Visual Studio IDE is catching up, recently getting its own AI extension. 11/30/2017

  • Improving Startup Time by Sharing Packages

    You can speed up how fast your "less frequently used" sites load by sharing assembles among your sites. You'll also reduce memory consumption on your server. 11/29/2017

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    .NET Core: To Port or Not to Port?

    Microsoft cautions that not all projects are good candidates for moving off .NET Framework to .NET Core, which is optimized for building highly scalable Web applications running on Windows, macOS or Linux. 11/29/2017

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