• The C# Scopes for Privileged Inheritance

    C#'s scope for classes includes internal, public, protected ... and two more. The most restrictive of these allow you to create an inheritance hierarchy with "privileged" and "nonprivileged" derived classes. 02/21/2018

  • Practical ASP.NET

    Invoking and Sharing View Components in ASP.NET Core

    View components let you create reusable chunks of business logic coupled with a UI in multiple places in your application ... and then let you share that logic across multiple projects. Here's how to invoke them and share them. 02/20/2018

  • Getting Data from the Request Object in ASP.NET MVC

    In a world with model binding, you don't often need to use the Request object's collections. But when model binding fails you those collections are often your easiest solution. 02/20/2018

  • Paste JSON and XML as a Class

    With a couple of mouse clicks you can convert JSON or XML to a perfectly good class. And, with a little extra work, you can do it in a couple of keystrokes. 02/16/2018

  • Practical ASP.NET

    Creating Reusable View Components in ASP.NET Core

    ASP.NET Core lets you bundle up business functionality along with its related UI into a view component that you can reuse in throughout your application. 02/15/2018

  • Practical TypeScript

    Tools for Debugging Web Workers

    Web workers in TypeScript give you concurrent processing but they can be awkward to debug. However, if you set up your web worker code as just another function, you can simplify debugging (or even build your web worker dynamically at run time). 02/14/2018

  • Practical .NET

    Validating JSON with JSON Schema

    Once you've created a JSON Schema that describes a JSON document, you can use it both in Visual Studio -- to provide guidance when creating JSON documents -- and in your code to validate the messages you're receiving. 02/13/2018

  • Manipulating URLs on the Server

    If you ever have a question about a URL, then the Uri object has the answer. 02/13/2018

  • News

    Q&A: Philip Japikse on Hands-On with ASP.NET Core and EF Core

    'I think ASP.NET Core is the biggest game changer in the history of Web development using the Microsoft stack.' 02/12/2018

  • Best Practice: Declare Variables as Constants

    If you don't need to replace the object stored in the variable, you might as well declare it as a constant. 02/12/2018

  • News

    Q&A: Sam Basu on Using Xamarin, AI, Cloud Services and More for Mobile Apps

    Expert advice on using the latest techniques with Xamarin for your mobile development. 02/09/2018

  • Pasting Into a Command Window

    It's not really a Visual Studio tip but it can save you a lot of typing. 02/09/2018

  • Load TypeScript Modules as You Need Them

    With TypeScript 2.4 If you've got a module that you only need in special cases, then you can put off loading it until that special case crops up. 02/08/2018

  • News

    VS Code January Update: Quickly Fix TypeScript, JavaScript Errors

    The January 2018 update of Microsoft's Visual Studio Code editor incorporates the new TypeScript 2.7.1 edition, allowing for quicker fixing of errors in TypeScript and even regular JavaScript files. 02/08/2018

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