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    Azure DevOps Projects Emerges from Public Preview

    Promising a three-step, five-minute process to running code on any Azure cloud service with built-in CI/CD, Azure DevOps Projects has graduated from its public preview into general availability. 07/16/2018

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    Security Issues Hit .NET Core, Visual Studio

    A recent Microsoft security update addresses a .NET Core security feature bypass vulnerability, while Visual Studio and ASP.NET also received updates. 07/13/2018

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    What's New in TypeScript 3.0 Release Candidate

    Microsoft's TypeScript team just shipped the release candidate for the upcoming TypeScript 3.0, incorporating many new features dealing with project references, a new 'unknown' type and more. 07/12/2018

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    What's New in Visual Studio Code 1.25 (June Release)

    The usual array of new features has been added to the Visual Studio Code editor's latest release -- v1.25, or the June release -- highlighted by a new grid editor layout. 07/10/2018

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    .NET Core 2.1 Support Added to AWS Lambda

    The Lambda service on Amazon Web Services cloud now supports .NET Core 2.1, the company announced this week. 07/10/2018

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    Q&A with Brock Allen: Top Tips for Securing ASP.NET Core

    Brock Allen, application security architect at Solliance, shares his top tips for securing ASP.NET Core, including his No. 1 top architecture tip and the worst thing any developer can do to make ASP.NET Core insecure. 07/09/2018

  • Practical .NET

    Maximizing Your Paycheck

    An economic model design to explain profit margins may seem like an odd place to look for career advice, but here are five forces that you can harness to increase how much you get paid. 07/09/2018

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    Dev Spaces for Azure Kubernetes Services Now in Public Preview

    The preview of Dev Spaces for Azure Kubernetes Services simplifies development and debugging of team-oriented projects with many moving parts, including containers and microservices. 07/09/2018

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    Microsoft Updates Low-Code Azure IoT Central Cloud Service

    Microsoft provided an update on new features added to Azure IoT Central, its low-code, software-as-a-service cloud offering for managing Internet of Things assets at scale. 07/03/2018

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    Xamarin.Essentials Cross-Platform Mobile APIs Get Updates

    Microsoft's mobile dev team continues to update Xamarin.Essentials, which provides cross-platform APIs for a variety of device-specific features and functionality in iOS and Android apps. 07/02/2018

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    Flaw Prevents .NET Core 2.1 Updates, Extends Life of .NET Core 2.0

    Microsoft announced the end-of-life of last year's .NET Core 2.0 offering has been extended to Oct. 1 because of a flaw that prevents some updates to .NET Core 2.1. 06/29/2018

  • Visual Studio Toolbox

    18 New Tools and Extensions for Visual Studio

    We've got a new round-up of tools covering security code analysis, code generators, console apps and command-line arguments. 06/28/2018

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    Azure IoT Edge Now Generally Available and Open Source

    The cloud-based solution for bringing local intelligence to distributed Internet of Things devices is ready for production and open source. 06/28/2018

  • The New Cross-Platform Standard: Version 2.0

    Microsoft has changed strategies for supporting cross-platform development: They've moved from Portable Class Libraries to Standard Libraries. Here's why, what it means and why it matters right now. 06/26/2018

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