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  • .NET Monitoring Decrypted: Code Level Performance Metrics, Azure Monitoring, Structured Logging and More

    Stackify strives to make developers’ jobs easier. Here, we’ve compiled extensive best practices for .NET monitoring. We offer in-depth details on measuring application performance metrics, structured logging, finding application errors and more!

  • Solving Database Deployments with Database DevOps

    This whitepaper explains how to overcome challenges presented by database change management. By extending DevOps practices to the database, you gain consistency across applications and databases while increasing team efficiencies. Read more.

  • How to Choose the Best JavaScript Framework for Your Team

    Download GrapeCity Wijmo’s free e-book today and learn about the strengths and weaknesses of JavaScript’s top frameworks like Angular and React. “How to Choose the Best JavaScript Framework for Your Team” is available now. Learn more.

  • The Build vs. Buy Challenge: Insight into a Hybrid Approach

    Data Quality is essential for success. The key to success is knowing when you should build a custom data quality tools over canned solutions. Download our whitepaper for insight. Read more.

  • Essential .NET Core: Methods for Optimizing Web Apps in Azure, Logging, Deploying to IIS, and More

    Stackify strives to make developers’ jobs easier. Here, we’ve compiled extensive best practices for running your apps with .NET Core. We offer in-depth details on converting to .NET Core, logging, creating Windows Services and more! Read more.

  • The Proactive Security Paradigm: How Containers Can Revamp Your Approach to Security

    Ask most DevOps engineers about the benefits of containers and microservices, and their responses will center on the agility, modularity and scalability that microservices-based architectures provide. But there is another crucial and oft-overlooked advantage of migrating to containers and microservices: Security. Containers offer a number of opportunities for building and deploying more secure applications and environments. Read on.

  • Life After Deployment: 4 Tips for Maintaining Software Post Launch

    Read this white paper to learn four crucial tips to help you plan for and handle the maintenance of your software toward the end of the development life cycle. Learn more.

  • How to Securely Configure a Linux Host to Run Containers

    This guide, as part of the Twistlock Container Security How-To Guides series, describes the concrete steps that you can follow to configure a Linux host to run Docker containers securely. Learn more.

  • Guide to PCI Compliance for Containers

    With the prevalence of electronic payments, nearly every organization is impacted by Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) requirements. However, there’s very little guidance on how to run containers in a manner that’s compliant with these requirements. The Twistlock Guide to PCI Compliance for Containers breaks down the PCI DSS requirements section by section and provides clear instructions on how to design and operate a containerized environment in a compliant manner. Learn more.

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    NoSQL Database Evaluation Guide

    This paper delves deeply into each core requirement and provides a comparison of leading NoSQL databases against the eight core requirements.