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As Xamarin.Forms Nears End-of-Life, Uno Platform Throws Hat into Replacement Ring

With Microsoft's Xamarin.Forms mobile-centric UI toolkit for .NET developers nearing its end-of-life date of May 1, the open source Uno Platform is throwing its hat into the ring as a possible replacement.

For Build Developer Conference, Semantic Kernel AI SDK Aims for 'First-Class Agent Support'

Microsoft is shaping up its Semantic Kernel SDK for AI development for the company's Build developer conference, which might be coming in late May.

'F# Meets XAML' in Open Source Silverlight Alternative, OpenSilver 2.1

"The integration of F# in OpenSilver 2.1 bridges the gap between functional programming and the development of rich, interactive web UIs."

Among Hundreds of AI Tools for VS Code, GitHub Copilot Chat Explodes

Number of installs has grown some 1,770 percent since we last checked, and it's now the second-most popular AI tool behind original GitHub Copilot.

Microsoft's Semantic Kernel SDK Ships with AI Agents, Plugins, Planners and Personas

Microsoft's Semantic Kernel AI SDK has new documentation to explain its capability to create AI agents that can interact with users, answer questions, call existing code, automate processes and perform various other tasks.

Crafting an AI Mixologist Using Semantic Kernel

What better way to learn about cutting-edge AI than creating a "copilot" assistant that can act as a mixologist, suggesting new cocktail recipes based on available ingredients?

GitHub Copilot Chat Nears GA: 'Today We Are Re-Founded on Copilot'

GitHub announced its "Copilot Chat" offering will reach general availability next month as the company goes all in on AI.

Microsoft Revamping Semantic Kernel AI SDK After 'Unexpected Uses'

Microsoft switched gears on its plan for the initial release of its Semantic Kernel SDK for AI development after finding its API was being used in unexpected ways.

Open Source Codeium Improves AI Chat in VS Code Tool

Codeium, a free and open source alternative to the for-pay GitHub Copilot AI-powered coding assistant, recently received improvements to its chat functionality and various other capabilities.

Community Dev Gives VS Code Python Some YAPF

The latest update to Python in Visual Studio Code includes a new extension for Python formatting that was contributed by a member of the open source community.

Avalonia VS Code Tool Now in Preview for Everyone

"We know you've been waiting for this!" said Avalonia UI in announcing general access to its VS Code extension for working with the popular, open source, cross-platform UI framework for .NET.

Microsoft Previews 'Python in Excel'

Integrating the data science darling programming language with the super-popular spreadsheet program means analysts will no longer have to jump through so many workaround hoops or use third-party add-ins.

Microsoft Open Sources 'ONNX Script' for Python Machine Learning Models

While Python has long been recognized as a go-to programming language for data science and is often used to author machine learning models, the new project focuses on clean, idiomatic Python syntax and composability through ONNX-native functions.

New Microsoft Sandbox Uses Natural Language LLMs for SQL Queries

The open source project lets developers and data pros to use its Semantic Kernel SDK to experiment and test the abilities of LLMs to generate SQL queries based on natural language expressions.

Avalonia UI Offers VS Code Tool in '(Extremely) Early Build'

The tool will package up the most common Avalonia workflows and offer them to VS Code developers, starting out with two oft-used scenarios involving XAML markup: previewing and code completion.

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