Discover New T-SQL Enhancements

T-SQL isn't dead yet. See how the new enhancements in T-SQL can make you more efficient.

Watch the video of the session! Running time: (1 hour, 5 minutes, Windows Media format)

By now you've heard that you can write stored procedures in C# and VB.NET for SQL Server 2005. But that doesn't mean T-SQL is dead. A lot has changed in the world of T-SQL with the next version of SQL Server. See how efficient you can become with the new T-SQL enhancements. You can crosstab in seconds with the PIVOT statement, perform recursive queries much more easily with Common Table Expressions, manipulate XML data more easily with the XML data type, and aggregate with ease using the new TOP functions. Stephen Forte looks at the new T-SQL enhancements, data types, and the like. He'll also look at how to choose between CLR Stored Procedures and T-SQL.

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