Creating a Library of Common ASP.NET 2.0 Functions

Build a library of common ASP.NET 2.0 functions that will help you maintain and secure your Web sites.

 Listen to the audio and watch the slides! (Running time: 1 hour)

Have you ever seen the "Object Reference Not Set" exception? Or tried to track down its cause in a production system? Discover some common functions that provide safe coding practices and simplify your search for the causes of null references. For example, you can use VerifyTables to validate the expected tables and rows that are present in a dataset before you use it. Learn how you can leverage a generic function that will enable or disable all controls on a Web page for a given type, or utilize callbacks to provide other processing. Plus, implement QueryString tamper proofing for more secure Web sites.

About the Author

Robert Boedigheimer has been designing and developing Web sites for the past 18 years including the early days of ASP and ASP.NET. He is a columnist for, a Pluralsight author, an ASP.NET MVP and a third degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

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