VSLive! SF 2007 Attendees Tell All

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Over a thousand technology professionals converged in late March at the Moscone Center West to attend VSLive! San Francisco 2007. Attendees learned about new technologies, brushed up on old skills, and swapped stories with fellow guests. Guy Wright, Visual Studio Magazine's managing editor, was also in attendance to report on the show's success from the participants' perspective, as they wandered the showroom floor. Discover the event's highlights, and lowlights; what worked and what didn't; and what the attendees themselves found to be the most useful aspects of attending this particular VSLive! event.

About the Author

Guy Wright, managing editor of Visual Studio Magazine, has been kicking around the computer industry since the days when RAM was measured in kilobytes and programs were stored on paper tape. Before he eventually wandered into the world of magazine publishing, he worked as a video editor, television director, and occasionally as a radio and television announcer. You can reach him at [email protected].

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