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Doc-To-Help 2007 v1
ComponentOne has announced the latest release of their Help authoring tool, Doc-To-Help 2007 v1. Doc-To-Help 2007 v1 is a single-source tool that allows authors to create HTML or Microsoft Office Word content and convert it to popular Help file formats, including browser-based, platform independent Help or printed documentation. This latest release adds a new search engine for NetHelp, a new breadcrumb navigation feature in HTML-based outputs, and the ability to create PDF files. The new JavaScript NetHelp Search Engine gives authors the ability to provide a search engine without complicated java configuration or installation. The Breadcrumb Navigation feature is now available in HTML-based outputs, appearing at the top of each topic and showing the navigation path from the top level topic. The PDF Button in Word now installs a "Generate PDF" button so users can customize a printed manual before generating PDF files. Doc-To-Help is available in two versions, Doc-To-Help Enterprise and Doc-To-Help for Word with respective pricing of $999.95 and $749.95. Competitive upgrades, renewal pricing, telephone support, and volume discounts are also available. Doc-To-Help yearly subscription subscribers will receive these new features and enhancements as part of their annual subscription.
Web: or
Phone: 800-858-2739 or 412-681-4343, outside the US 0800 328 5271 or +44 (0) 1460 234636

Dotfuscator 4.0
PreEmptive Solutions has released Dotfuscator 4.0, an obfuscation Tamper Notification Service with support for Windows Vista and enhanced support for XML serialization and Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0. Dotfuscator 4.0's Tamper Notification Service introduces a detective control that helps protect both .NET application developers and the communities they serve. Dotfuscator 4.0 can automatically add logic to obfuscated applications to self-diagnose application tampering. An obfuscated application that has either been modified or recompiled without authorization will emit secure signals that are assembled into tamper incident reports and distributed in near real-time. Recipients can include both application authors and the consumers' IT staff. The Tamper Notification Service is available immediately to all active Dotfuscator Professional users as part of their standard support agreement at no additional cost. Features of the Tamper Notification Service include: new IT control so that obfuscated applications can detect and respond to unauthorized modifications by either direct tampering of the executable or the recompilation of modified source code after reverse engineering; use of custom attributes eliminates the need for programming; signals are sent via SSL with no personally identifiable information; and minimal impact on the final application (injection of tamper detection logic creates an agent-free monitoring solution and pruning after compilation minimizes, and in some cases eliminates, any change in footprint). Single user pricing starts at $1,890; build machine licenses start at $4,950.
PreEmptive Solutions
Phone: 216-732-5895

NetAdvantage for .NET 2007 Volume 1
NetAdvantage for .NET 2007 Volume 1 from Infragistics allows developers to build applications and style user interfaces quickly, providing both standardized UIs as well as professional custom styles. A new NetAdvantage AppStylist tool is now provided for rapidly styling ASP.NET applications, while the NetAdvantage AppStylist tool for Windows Forms now includes Express Styling. Enhancements have been added for both Windows Forms and ASP.NET controls, including US Section 508 Compliance across the entire toolset, 64-bit system support for Windows Vista, and the new Vista Aero (Glass) style. Developers, architects and visual designers can quickly create a consistent (customized or familiar) look and feel for their applications by styling once, and then reusing their styles across their applications. Infragistics also provides a large selection of pre-built styles. A new NetAdvantage AppStylist tool is now provided for ASP.NET applications. Some of the new controls and components that were added or enhanced include predefined Microsoft Office 2007 look and feel styles (silver, black, blue) and Express Styling, an enhancement to the NetAdvantage AppStylist for Enterprise application developers who must adhere to (custom) corporate application UI standards and branding. Office 2007 functionality enhancements now include Conditional Formatting in Infragistics's WinGrid, as well as new Ribbon functionalities such as Ribbon-MDI Merging and a new ControlContainer control on the Office Ribbon. New NetAdvantage for ASP.NET features include the ability to create Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) using a CSS-based, mashup-friendly tool and the AppStylist for ASP.NET allows developers to set a look and feel across ASP.NET controls or applications with a style library at design or run-time, improving workflow and reducing maintenance costs. WebChart provides more than 35 two-dimensional and 25 three-dimensional chart types, for visual data representation including Office 2007 style points. Single platform pricing starts at $795; dual platform pricing starts at $995.
Phone: 609-448-2000, outside the US +44 (0) 20 8387 1474, in Japan +81-3-5474-8034

UModel 2007
Altova is now shipping UModel 2007, the latest release of its UML 2 software-design tool. The new UModel release includes four additional diagram types that round out the product with a full complement of UML 2.1 diagrams. It also adds the capability to model XML Schema files in UML, plus support for reverse engineering of Java and C# binary files, and the ability to hyperlink elements of UML diagrams to other diagrams or external files. New features in UModel 2007 include: support for all 13 UML 2.1 diagram types (new interaction overview, timing, communication, and package diagrams); modeling of XML Schema in UML with code engineering support (interoperability with XMLSpy 2007, which can save XML Schemas as UModel projects, reverse engineering of XSD files into UML-style diagrams based on class diagrams, graphical editing of XML Schema design models, XSD code generation from XML Schema models, and round-trip engineering of XML Schema projects); reverse engineering of C# and Java binary files (automatic rendering of UML models from compiled code and round tripping from binary files to source code); hyperlinking of model elements to other diagrams, documents, or Web pages; automatic generation of sequence diagrams from communication diagrams (and vice versa); and XMI import/export enhancements for improved interchange with other UML tools. Detailed information about UModel 2007 is provided on the Altova Web site at Single-user licenses start at $129.00. UModel is also offered as part of the new Altova MissionKit for Software Architects, that bundles Altova's intelligent application development, data management, and modeling tools at 50 percent off their regular prices. Existing Altova UModel customers with valid SMP are eligible to update to UModel 2007 for free.
Phone: 978-816-1600, outside the US +43 (1) 545 5155 - 0

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