VSLive! FL 2007: Making WPF Real

Use WPF applications to meet real-world needs.

Watch the video of the session! (Running time: 1 hour)

You've seen enough Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) demo applications. You're ready to see apps that you can use on the job — to understand the real advantages of WPF. This session presents two simplified WPF apps that meet real-world needs: a browser-based shopping application and an RSS reader with a scalable, interactive user interface. You'll analyze the technologies that made these apps possible and discuss some obstacles you may face while completing your first real-world WPF app.

About the Author

Billy Hollis is an author and software developer from Nashville, Tennessee. Billy is co-author of the first book ever published on Visual Basic .NET, .NET Programming on the Public Beta. He has written many articles, and is a frequent speaker at conferences. He is the Regional Director of Developer Relations in Nashville for Microsoft, and runs a consulting company focusing on Microsoft .NET.

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