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Dundas Gauge for SharePoint

Plus FishGrid.NET Light 1.0 and Sentinel Visualizer.

Dundas Gauge for SharePoint
Dundas Data Visualization Inc. has released Dundas Gauge for SharePoint, a set of advanced gauge components designed specifically for Microsoft's SharePoint portal technology. The product features comprehensive gauges, dials, and knobs, complete with data-analysis abilities, to represent data that can't be shown effectively in a chart format.

Some of the product's key features include fully AJAX-enabled gauges (for updating a gauge at the client without postbacks), a new callback manager (for executing JavaScript on the client without refreshing the entire page), an assortment of 2-D/3-D frame styles, and other customization capabilities. It also includes a property browser that lets users modify nearly any of the product's properties.

You can download a full-featured evaluation copy from the company's site.

Dundas Gauge for SharePoint
Dundas Data Visualization Inc.

Price: $1,999 for a single-server license
Phone: North America 800-463-1492, International + 001-416-467-5100

FishGrid.NET Light 1.0
FishGrid.NET Light, from FishNet Components, is a new .NET version of the company's flagship ActiveX grid product. The new .NET version introduces powerful new layout capabilities. The product is built on a new object model that provides flexibility in the arrangement of grids, columns, rows, and cells. At the heart of the new object model is the company's Area object, a basic container with properties for position, color, and

borders, as well as hierarchies for both container (AreaParent) and property inheritance (InheritanceParent). All other major display objects, including ValueArea, Grid, Column, Row, and Cell inherit from this. Each Area's position properties allow it to be attached, aligned, contained, and stretched. The product lets you nest any Area inside any other, and all Areas are ultimately nested inside a control's AreaMaster.

Areas also define a property inheritance hierarchy, so while you can set all the properties of each column individually, you can also have them selectively or entirely inherit from any other column object. FishGrid provides a set of root inheritance objects that all areas inherit from by default. When you change one of their properties, all inheritors reflect the change. You can also create your own Area object, and point any other Area to inherit from it.

The new .NET grid also features a highly flexible data-binding model, called Event Binding. Note that you don't need to pre-load all the cells in the form's Load event, a departure from the ActiveX version of the control. Now any cell's data can come from a dataset, a calculation, a static value, or any combination of these on the fly at run time.

FishGrid.NET Light 1.0
FishNet Components

Sentinel Visualizer
FMS Inc. has launched Sentinel Visualizer, a new product for data visualization that introduces the capabilities of advanced Social Network Analysis. This product gives you the ability to see and analyze complex relationships that exist within data.

Data involving people can be analyzed and manipulated to determine key relationships, such as who talks to whom, and who's related to whom. Entities and events can be depicted visually, so the users can see their timing and create connections between seemingly unrelated information and relationships. There are also geospatial tools to map, analyze, and compare locations, as well as temporal capabilities that let you view how situations have changed over time.

Sentinel Visualizer includes new query and data-management capabilities, as well as non-enterprise licensing options. Users can tag and filter data, apply weightings to relationships, and automatically redraw link charts. By visualizing data in many different ways, users can find hidden relationships and trends that weren't discovered previously. Sentinel Visualizer is intended to be an easy to use, approachable system.

Sentinel Visualizer
FMS Inc.
Starts at $1,999 for a single user
Phone: 703-356-4700

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