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Coverity Prevent for C#, JNBridgePro 4.0, and XMLSpy Version 2008 Release 2

A rundown of some new releases.

Coverity Prevent for C#
Coverity Inc. has announced Coverity Prevent for C#. Prevent for C# is based on an entirely new analysis engine designed and optimized for Microsoft .NET-based applications. It handles features of the C# language such as operator overloading, properties, and idioms for iteration and resource management. Prevent for C# also automatically finds third party .NET assemblies to ensure a complete analysis result, no matter how complex the app.

Coverity Prevent for C# automatically analyzes large, complex C# code bases and detects critical, must-fix defects that could lead to system failures, memory corruption, or performance degradation. Prevent for C# requires no changes to existing build processes or code, easily integrates into existing build processes, and requires little or no additional hardware.

Coverity Prevent for C#
Coverity Inc.
Price: Pricing based on project size
Phone: 800-873-8193 or +1 415 321 5237

JNBridgePro 4.0
JNBridge LLC is now shipping the latest version of its Java and .NET interoperability tool JNBridgePro 4.0. JNBridgePro 4.0 connects Java and .NET-based components and applications with simple-to-use bridging tools and adapters that remove the complexities of cross-platform interoperability.

In addition, the company has announced two Java Messaging Service (JMS) adapters: JNBridge JMS Adapter for .NET and the JNBridge JMS Adapter for BizTalk Server. The adapters connect JMS capabilities directly to .NET Framework applications or to BizTalk Server.

JNBridgePro’s new plug-ins allow developers to explore and expose .NET classes directly within Eclipse and explore and expose Java classes directly within Visual Studio.

JNBridgePro 4.0 includes the ability to access Java classes from Visual Studio via the new JNBridgePro Visual Studio plug-in; the ability to access .NET classes from Eclipse via the new JNBridgePro Eclipse plug-in; full 64-bit support; and data compression of large messages and arrays for greater performance.

JNBridgePro 4.0
JNBridge LLC
Price: Contact vendor for pricing
Phone: 303-545-9371

XMLSpy Version 2008 Release 2
Altova is now shipping Altova XMLSpy version 2008 Release 2 (v2008r2). The latest release of XMLSpy includes support for very large files, multiple features for optimizing XSLT development, a new Find in Schemas window, and more.

Figure 1
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XMLSpy v2008r2 contains a number of optimizations that allow developers to open and work with files that are about four to five times larger than those supported in the past. This results in a reduction of memory consumption by up to 75 percent to 80 percent when opening and validating XML documents in Text View. XMLSpy v2008r2 also supports Java, C#, JavaScript, and VBScript in XSLT 1.0/2.0 Engines. This allows developers to take advantage of XMLSpy’s XSLT editing and transformation capabilities for stylesheets that contain program code and also to test, perfect, and optimize those stylesheets using the XSLT debugger and XSLT profiler.

Other new features include integration and code generation support for Visual Studio 2008, allowing developers to create a Visual Studio 2008 project file when autogenerating C# or C++ code; a new XSL Outline window that lists the templates and functions in the current XSLT file, as well as those in any included or imported files; a new XSLT Info window that lets users view any schema and XML instance files associated with the current stylesheet; a new Find in Schemas window allows users to perform detailed find and replace operations within single schemas and across complex, multi-file schemas and projects; support for SOAP 1.2 in its SOAP client, SOAP debugger, and graphical WSDL editor; and Global Resources support, which allows users to define, share, and access file, folder, and database resources across multiple projects.

Altova XMLSpy Version 2008 Release 2
Price: Pricing starts at $539
Phone: 978-816-1600 or +43 (1) 545 5155-0

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