Tool Ties Lotus Notes to SharePoint

Unify and Casahl Technology work together to ease integration between Lotus Notes and SharePoint.

Tools vendors Unify Corp. and Casahl Technology Inc. have teamed up to ease integration of Lotus Notes with Microsoft SharePoint.

Sacramento, Calif.-based Unify calls itself a "legacy modernization" company that provides software and services for extending the life of applications data. Unify's Composer is a Software plus Services (S+S) solution for migrating Lotus Notes apps to the Microsoft SharePoint and .NET platforms.

Meanwhile, San Ramon, Calif.-based Casahl is uniquely focused on providing tools for integrating, extending and migrating applications and data among Microsoft SharePoint, Lotus Notes, public folders and enterprise applications such as customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning and other line-of-business functions.

The integration of the two core solution sets gives Composer the ability to inventory, categorize and analyze the types of Notes applications (including those based on the company's LotusScript scripting language) throughout the enterprise, Unify says. Putting that atop Composer will provide a common solution that handles everything from defining the environment to handling complex migration.

The Casahl tech will allow Unify's Composer users to transition their Lotus Notes apps by conducting a thorough analysis of their Notes application environment, Casahl CEO Harry Wong said in a statement.

The two companies had already completed several joint projects before embarking on the current partnership. Microsoft has been on something of a tear lately, reaching out to Lotus Notes users to get them to switch to the Redmond software maker's own collaboration tools. During last month's annual meeting with financial analysts, Microsoft COO Kevin Turner reported that his company is seeking to get 5 million Lotus Notes users to make the switch. He cited sales of 4.86 million seats of SharePoint Exchange and Office into IBM Lotus Notes accounts.

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