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Tel Aviv, Israel-based Xoreax Software Ltd. has released version 4.6 of IncrediBuild, its code-build-acceleration product. The new release adds support for Windows 8, Visual Studio 2012 Updates 1 and 2, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo CFS. IncrediBuild "harnesses unused processing power across the network, significantly streamlining the development environment," according to a company press release. The product's code-build-acceleration capabilities reduce compile time and benefit all dev environments, the release noted, but are particularly well-suited for game development.

The IncrediBuild product comes as software that's installed on the customer's premises. The customer decides which computers on their network will participate, and those computers "subscribe" to IncrediBuild to make their unused processing power available to the code-build-acceleration product. Customers can decide on a per-computer basis how many CPU cycles each computer will donate.

"You can continue to work on your computer and continue to participate in the compilation," noted Xoreax CEO Eyal Maor in an interview, explaining that because IncrediBuild only uses the predefined amount of CPU cycles from each computer, it will not interfere with developers' work.

IncrediBuild 4.6 adds native 64-bit process distribution and updated support for "virtually every development tool and environment," Maor explained. "Despite rapid changes in the market," he said, "we've not only managed to sustain our 90 percent code-build-acceleration rate, but also expanded our product's capabilities to support many new development tools and code-build-infrastructure solutions." The product includes support for "image processing, compression, conversion, rendering, shading and transformation," the press release noted.

Maor explained that Xoreax, which was founded 11 years ago to accelerate code compilation in Visual Studio, has evolved over the years based on developers' feedback and working needs. The company is maintaining this focus on dev feedback with a currently running beta test for accelerating C#-based products. Participation is open to IncrediBuild customers using version 4.6. The C# acceleration technology now in beta may be available as early as the next release, Maor noted, in September or Q4 2013.

"By accelerating the entire development process, IncrediBuild helps developers quickly find and fix errors on the fly, and lets them get superior product to market faster," Maor said.

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Katrina Carrasco is the associate group managing editor for the 1105 Enterprise Computing Group. She can be reached at [email protected].

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