Microsoft Merges Two Windows Store Development Blogs

The upcoming Build conference spurred the action.

Microsoft has merged two its Windows app development blogs into one, and is calling it the "Windows App Builder Blog."

According to the blog entry's authors, Ted Dworkin, Director of Program Management, Windows Store and Ian LeGrow, Group Program Manager, Windows, the Windows 8 app developer blog and the Windows Store for developers blog officially became one last week. The impetus for combining the two is the upcoming announcements at the Build conference concerning Windows 8.1. "This way, you can get all your Windows development in one place," they wrote.

The blog goes beyond just the nuts and bolts of app development, however. Some of the main topic areas covered by the blog will include app business models and monetization strategies, developing and testing advice, Windows Store submission and management help, and marketing and promotion tactics.

It also appears that any important Windows Store announcements will be made on the blog, "including important policy changes and explanations," state the authors.

Build officially kicks off Wednesday, and runs through Friday.

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