Application Insights Available for Visual Studio Offline Use

The add-in checks a Windows Store app's performance and health.

Microsoft has made Application Insights, a part of the new Visual Studio Online service, available for Visual Studio offline.

Microsoft Technical Fellow Brian Harry mentioned on his blog that Application Insights, which provides information about running apps, now has a preview version available as a Visual Studio add-in. The add-in "...makes getting started with Application Insights so easy that everyone should do it without even thinking about it," Harry wrote.

He added that after the application's deployed, either locally or online, that telemetry data should start appearing within 10-15 minutes in the Application Insights Portal in the Usage tab.

Application Insights, which is itself still in preview mode as part of Visual Studio Online, can tell a developer, among other things, if an app is running at all, or running slowly; how efficiently the app is working, including how well it's scaling; and what features users are most often accessing.

Visual Studio Online was introduced Nov. 13, 2013, the same day Visual Studio 2013 and the .NET Framework 4.5.1 were officially launched. Microsoft positioned it as a "Cloud OS" that allows developers to build apps solely in the cloud, or some combination of local and cloud integration.

Application Insights Tools for Visual Studio can be downloaded here.

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