Project Siena Beta 3 Now Out

The Windows Phone app for creating Windows Phone apps adds a bevy of features for testers to try out, including some design improvements, as well as support for more REST services connections.

About six months after Microsoft announced "Project Siena," the company has made enough improvements to the Windows Phone app for creating Windows Phone apps that it's now entering the third beta-testing phase.

While Project Siena is aimed at those without programming expertise, there's quite a bit of flexibility with the product that might attract seasoned developers to use it. S. Somasegar, corporate vice president of the Microsoft Developer Division, blogged about Siena beta 3, listing a number of improvements:

  • Ability to click instantly to the more popular social media sites and apps, as well as Yammer and Coursera.
  • Support for more RESTful services connections with OAuth1 and OAuth 2 support.
  • Data visualization via interactive charts.
  • Ability to write data back to SharePoint lists.
  • Incremental improvements with interactivity and design features.

In the coming weeks, his group will release a WADL accelerator for creating more RESTful services connections, and add more international language support for the UI.

Project Siena is available for download via the Windows Store.

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