Entity Framework 6.1.2 in Beta

Version 6.1.2 contains some high-priority fixes that need to be tested in the wild before it is RTM'd; meanwhile, next version of Entity Framework might be version 7 or something else.

A new version of Entity Framework was expected to be quickly released right about this time, but a short blog from Microsoft's Rowan Miller indicates that a bit of fit and finish needs to be done before setting version 6.1.2 to RTM.

"We were originally planning to go straight to RTM from Beta 1. However, we ended up taking a number of important bug fixes after Beta 1 shipped and we decided that the churn in the code base warranted another pre-release before we RTM," write Miller. The release is now planned for early December, but he said that plan "may change if we have additional high priority bugs reported on Beta 2."

The important bug fixes Miller mentions are in this CodePlex link, and include a mishmash of performance issues and general coding fixes.

Meanwhile, Miller blogged earlier last month about the naming dilemma facing the team with the upcoming version of Entity Framework. "There were actually three options we discussed in terms of naming/branding for EF7," blogs Miller, with the options being: a. version 7, b. a subset of EF, c. call it something new with a version 1.0.

The debate hinges on whether the changes to EF are an incremental step up in features or more evolutionary in nature to warrant renaming the product. To chime in, read the blog and add your comment to this news item or at the end of the blog here.

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