Microsoft Contributes to Docker Orchestration API Development

Microsoft Open Technologies has been hard at work making sure its code works with the new Docker Orchestration APIs for spinning up containers.

DockerCon 14 EU is taking place in Amsterdam this week, and Docker made two big announcements from that show: Orchestration for Multi-Container Distributed Apps and Docker Hub Enterprise. So, what does this have to do with the .NET folks? The fact is, the Microsoft Open Technologies group is closely following all Docker developments, as the .NET community has indicated strong interest in using and deploying the virtual machine alternative.

Microsoft Open Tech has kept ahead of the new Orchestration APIs, having contributed code to the Docker Machine service (the service itself is in alpha testing). Docker Machine provides a simpler path to creating and provisioning containers; preliminary work from MSOpen comes in the way of code for host configuration and management that was released at the end of October.

As Docker releases the Docker Compose (for multi-container orchestration) and Docker Swarm (for clustering) APIs, MSOpen says that "Azure users can expect full support as the other orchestration APIs become available."

With Docker's announcement of Docker Hub Enterprise, the team has also been working on making sure that Azure Storage is natively available through it. The Enterprise version is based on Docker Hub, but has built-in measures that allow running Dockerized apps within the traditional restrictions of enterprise compliance and security. MSOpen is also developing code to allow Docker Hub Enterprise to be available as pre-built images from within the Azure Marketplace.

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