OData 4.5 for Web API, ODataLib 6.10.0 Now Available

New versions of OData and ODataLib were released late last month on NuGet.

New versions of OData and ODataLib were released late last month via NuGet.

Open Data Protocol (OData) is a data access protocol that Microsoft helped to define and develop to allow data to connect data sources via Web sites. It essentially allows developers to create REST-based data services to be published and edited by Web clients using simple HTTP messages.

OData 4.5 for Web API has a number of new features:

  • Referential constraint support: It allows for defining referential constraint either using an attribute, by convention or programmatically.
  • Relax flag for version constraint: An IsRelaxedMatch flag allows for a relaxed version constraint. By default it's false, but setting it to true allows for requests to be from OData version 3 or 4 headers.
  • DateTime: There's also an API for configuring Time Zone on the server-side because DateTime isn't supported as a primitive type.

This is just a highlight, so be sure to read the blog post for a full list of features and bug fixes.

ODataLib 6.10.0 provides a number of components that can be used with OData v4 clients and services, as needed. New features include:

  • EdmLib support for EdmError/EdmLocation containing a file name 
  • Client support for getting instance annotations from payload or getting metadata annotations
  • Client support for posting an action with entity-valued parameters that only contain setted properties

Descriptions of these features, as well as bug fixes, can be seen on the NuGet site; ODataLib 6.10.0 itself can be downloaded and contributed to through CodePlex.

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