Visual Studio Online Sprint 78: New-Look Kanban Boards

In this sprint, Kanban boards get a spartan look to allow for customizing them in the future. Also, more testers can be added to Visual Studio Online test suites.

Another Visual Studio Online update is available, this time with improvements to Kanban boards, and the ability to assign more users to test suites.

"It will likely take four or five days to upgrade all accounts so don't be surprised if you don't see the changes in your account right away," Microsoft Technical Fellow Brian Harry blogged when announcing the sprint.

The Kanban boards in Sprint 78 have a more simplified look, with cards having a solid white background and being resized to be slightly larger than in the previous version. "We're laying the groundwork for more customization options on the cards, including adornments, additional fields and tags," Visual Studio Online Program Manager Aaron Bjork, said in a Web release.

The boards also come with two new features: support for adding new cards, and all cards can now be edited directly; and a Split Columns feature that's clearer about cards as they're moved from one person to another.

Visual Studio Online also makes it easier for developers to add more testers to a test suite. But it's not just a simple increase in number. Instead, there's some automation so that as testers are added through a click of a dialog, users are informed through an e-mail containing a link to an assigned test.

On a side note, last week Harry blogged about a preview of a new code search capability for Visual Studio Online. The feature is limited to those who ask and it will only be available to a limited number of accounts. Get more information here.

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