WorkflowEngine.NET Adds HTML5 Support

The Windows Workflow Foundation alternative gets an incremental update.

OptimaJet released an update to its WorkflowEngine.NET, which includes support for HTML5 and streamlined improvements in basic operations.

Workflow engines are software-based applications for managing a project's business processes and logic. Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) is a good example of one that's built into the Microsoft .NET Framework. WorkflowEngine.NET, now at version 1.4.4, aims to become an improved alternative to WF.

"We used WF, but had to abandon it," said OptimaJet CEO Dmitry Melnikov. He described many of the problems associated with developing a project's workflow in a recent CodeProject post. His conclusion, in a nutshell: "WF is not appropriate for developing a Document Approval System."

What's new in this version is an HTML5-based workflow designer; simplified command listing and execution; and a new Pre-Execution mode "to ensure a consistent transition through all document statuses ... used to create the future stages of document in transition history."

WorkflowEngine.NET will be updated a few more times this year. In fact, the company lists a software roadmap on its site and the list includes some designer features (keyboard control, undo/redo and "save as image"), a workflow that can be used by end users, the ability to edit an active process schema and a Workflow Server.

WorkflowEngine.NET for version 1.4.4 starts at $199 for a personal version, $1,999 and up for corporate versions. Get more information from the company Web site.

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