Python Tools 2.2 Beta Updated

Python Tools for Visual Studio adds a number of user-requested features, including a centralized comments window, and the ability to launch and configure multiple Python environments.

There are a number of new features being beta tested in the recently updated Python Tools for Visual Studio 2.2, features that come at the request of users from the various sources Microsoft provides. Steve Dower, a Microsoft software engineer for Python Tools, emphasized some of the more popular requests in a recent blog post:

Commenting: New is the ability to view all the comments strewn around in projects by clicking on View | Task List Window.

Multiple Environments: View and configure various Python environments in one place, and open a Python Interactive Window and search, open, install, and update Python packages directly from the PyPI library.

Collapsible Lines: Anything that spans multiple lines can be collapsed: "functions, classes, lists, dictionaries, loops, exception handlers, and even multi-line strings.

Code Snippets: Predefined Python snippets or developer-created snippets can be added via Edit, the IntelliSense menu, or as you start typing a keyword.

Debugging: Enabled Autos window that allows developers to view variable and simple expression values, which means developers don't have to hover the mouse to see those values or open a Watch window while stepping through code.

Besides these features, there's also an extensive bug-fix list, which you can read about on CodePlex.

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